The real (philosophical) meaning behind Taher Shah’s new single ‘Angel’

Ever since his first single, emotionally dense and invoking intimacy through eye contact, we just could not get enough of his frizzy mane and white suit

His video has made a fan-girl out of everyone nationally and internationally, and we buckle at the knees upon hearing the sound of his voice

How could this talent have been lying hidden for so long? Girls want to know what shampoo he uses to maintain his lusciousness, while men want to know what tailor he gets his immaculate suits stitched from

Taher Shah seems to enjoy showcasing dual personalities

In this video, it was the Godfather and an investment banker

Taher Shah beautifully articulates the bipolarity of human existence; the black and white attire, the Rapunzel locks juxtaposing the boy cut, these strong metaphors express just how dynamic and complex the average individual can be and the need to be able to see

eye to eye

with all that you are

And his metaphors were delivered with utmost flamboyance; a zoom in of the eyes and a bounce in his step


It’s breathtaking to watch just how flawlessly he emulates such dual personalities

What’s even more commendable is how he continues to challenge himself, taking his successes one step further

In his new video, ‘Angel’ he poses as two fantastical characters, Maleficent, and Elsa

The reference to Maleficent and Elsa adds another layer to the narrative, their characters embodying the fight between good and evil within oneself; while Elsa wants to protect the world from her harmful abilities (to freeze anyone to death), Maleficent is a villain that turns soft upon discovering a longing for motherhood

Taher Shah embodies these two characters and shows the struggles that take place within our hearts

Are we protectors of the realm, or are we Elsas and Maleficents, feeling compelled to carry forth satan’s cruel plot? Thought provoking questions

The legend’s new song is cinematography at it’s best, making the video almost a form of art

His characters aimlessly mope around in velvet gowns at a Golf club version of the Garden of Eden, wearing cardboard wings while questioning mankind’s role on Earth as peacemakers of the realm

The video also exposes mankind’s main concerns in life: love, angels, procreation, angels, mankind and angels

Such is the kind of deep philosophy used to engage viewers

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: Screenshot[/caption] Soon thereafter, a child is born in the Garden of Eden

His hair initially seems to have been bleached by the sun’s rays but then, as if by divine intervention, this blessed child is given dark brown hair; perhaps to show us, mere mortals, that change is inevitable

He carries around a wand and touches flowers, metaphorically portraying the responsibilities bestowed upon us at such a young age

The song is reminiscent of the cycle of life

Eventually, little Taher Shah will be moping around the Golf club as daddy Maleficent, in search of his own masked, blonde bobbed Cinderella

The videos would not have been as successful without his soothing voice and poetic lyrics

His words are so dense with feeling that he constantly finds himself at a loss for words and breaks into “la-la-la-la”

However, when he’s able get a hold of his emotions, he’s able to articulate some of the most profound things

My favourite lines from both songs are as follows: Eye to Eye: “Eye to eye make’s epic era love life time once in a life

Substantial love is heaven for precise eye’s

Spectacular eye’s, our eye’s, my eyes and your eye’s, eye to eye, eye to eye” Angel: “Like those flower that persist silent

But spread their essence but always desire jovial

” We’ve got to hand it to him; he can make music out of anything, even incoherent babbling

I, for one, cannot wait for his movie

All photos: Taher Shah Facebook page

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