Love at first bite

Gazing helplessly at the stacked rack of chips, a vibrant yellow packet with an illustration of dripping honeycomb caught my eye

I absolutely love trying out new food items and flavours, and after reading the limited edition tag on this packet, despite the rather strange choice of flavouring, I knew I had to give it a shot

Although I was wary of having crisps that were both sweet and salty; I mean how does that even work? When I tore open the packet , one of the most distinct aspects of it was its novel smell; it somewhat resembled the aroma of freshly baked biscuits, which spiked my curiosity even further

I continued to marvel at the blend of flavours

At first bite, my palate was greeted with a rush of sweet wild honey coupled with traces of salted butter

Pondering over the flavours a little more trying to decide what the taste reminded me of, I finally placed it

 I thought the combination of flavours was apparently similar to caramelised popcorn; I was very pleasantly surprised

 Whilst the honey flavour was more pronounced, the taste of salted butter constituted a major part of the texture of the chips

The chips took me back to my six-year-old self when my brother and I would hide Mitchell’s sweets from our mother because she didn’t want us to get cavities

The sweets were a smooth butterscotch mixed with a hint of caramel, and one bite of lays lulled me all the way back to my youth; back to stuffing wrappers under my brother’s bed as I devoured sweet after sweet, believing that this was happiness

But more than caramelised popcorn, these chips reminded me more of the unconventional, yet popular, combination of waffles and chicken

This peculiar flavour fruitfully served its purpose; after all it breathed life into my childhood fantasy of eating biscuits and chips together

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Date:05-Aug-2016 Reference:View Original Link