Meat the best: Top five beef burgers in town

Are you unapologetically ravenous for beef burgers and constantly on the lookout for a good fulfilling one? If yes, then we got you with these top five burger joints in Karachi, so you can make your dens in the cold month ahead – and all year long

Although a bit on the pricier side, this list consists of only the tenderest, one of its kind, top reviewed options, that will be saviours for your cravings and swoon even people who aren’t foodies

The Verge’s Bone marrow burger Despite it being a new restaurant, The Verge offers a variety of unique beef flavours – from old school to mushroom melts – their tender beef patties are complimented perfectly with cheese, sauces and herbs

Being one of its kind, their bone marrow burger is a delicious treat for your foodie soul

Consisting of a juicy aged beef patty, caramelised onions, pickles and their original sauce in a toasted bran bun, it’s a winner for sure

No Lies Fries’ True Smoke burger No lies, this burger joint serves the best fries, burgers, and poutines in town

While all of their burgers deserve special praise, this one is about their True Smoke burger, full of tasty surprises

Consisting of a smashed beef patty topped with savoury smoked pepperoni and crispy onion rings, it’s a burger made in heaven

Their tangy hickory sauce completes the burger with the soft potato buns closing the deal

Oh My Grill’s Swiss Mushroom Melt Known for their burgers, Oh My Grill (OMG) literally makes you go OMG at the first bite

For all beef lovers, this burger joint will not disappoint your desire for a perfectly proportioned, juicy and tender beef burger

To vow your taste buds with a gourmet experience, try their Swiss Mushroom Melt which has a 250 Grams Beef Patty slathered in Swiss Cheese and accessorised with sauteed onions and sauteed mushrooms with a sizzling BBQ sauce along with their original sauce on a soft toasted bun

Jucy Lucy’s Gouda Cheese Burger What started with a successful hit at a Karachi Eat Festival is now an established favourite for many beef lovers in town

With raving reviews of its brioche buns taking the taste up a notch even with classic old school burgers, imagine what wonders it can do when paired with gouda cheesy filled patty

Sandwiched between their famous buns lies a gouda cheese-filled beef patty, pickles, rocket leaves and the signature JL sauce

This signature beef burger feeds not just the stomach but also your heart

Aussie Burger Company’s Outback burger A recently established joint, the restaurant hopes to give Karachiites a taste of Australia

Their potato buns are unique because of their firm exterior and soft interior, almost melting in your mouth

With a perfect bun to meat ratio, caramelised onions and pickles, signature sauces and cheese, their burgers will blow your mind

However, it’s impossible to not fall in love with their Outback burger– a beautifully layered one

It consists of a smashed beef patty, beef bacon, grilled mushrooms, cheddar cheese, pickled peppers and a creamy garlic mustard aioli, all sandwiched between their signature potato buns

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