Japanese company creates hand massager for gamers

Japanese company Bauhutte has created a hand massager for gamers

The MSG-01H-BK hand massager, is eqıpped wıth a 15-layer airbag that wraps each finger and a shiatsu plate that captures and fits the center of the palm and kneads the entire hand firmly to relieve muscle fatigue There ıs also an optıon for

stretching fingers

  Gamers' fingers, which require precise device operation, are unknowingly accumulating fatigue, says the website

The massager can be used before the game to warm your hands with a heater and during breaks to improve blood circulation in the entire hand and refresh

You can also use it after the gaming to cool down stiff fingers

Bauhutte Hand Massager Currently Bauhutte's hand massager is only available in Japan and is priced at $150


Date:02-Jan-2022 Reference:View Original Link