WATCH: Afghan agents pour 3,000 litres of alcohol into Kabul canal

A team of Afghan intelligence agents poured around 3,000 litres of liquor into a canal in Kabul, the country's spy agency said on Sunday, as the new Taliban authorities crackdown on the sale of alcohol

Video footage released by the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) showed its agents pouring alcohol stored in barrels into the canal after seizing it during a raid in the capital

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ا د استخباراتو لوی ریاست ځانګړې عملیاتي قطعې د یو لړ مؤثقو کشفي معلومات پر اساس د کابل ښار کارته چهار سیمه کې درې تنه شراب پلورونکي له شاوخوا درې زره لېتره شرابو/الکولو سره یو ځای ونیول

نیول شوي شراب له منځه یوړل شول او شراب پلورونکي عدلي او قضايي ارګانونو ته وسپارل شول



com/qD7D5ZIsuL — د استخباراتو لوی ریاست-GDI (@GDI1415) January 1, 2022 It was not clear when the raid was carried out or exactly when the alcohol was destroyed, but a statement issued by the agency said three dealers were arrested during the operation

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Since the  group seized power on August 15, the frequency of raids, including on drug addicts, has increased across the country

The Taliban government's Ministry for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has also issued several guidelines restricting women's rights

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