Bodies of ‘rape victims’ recovered from drum floating in Punjab canal

The Punjab police have resolved the mystery surrounding the bodies of two women, which were recovered from a drum found floating in a canal in Mamoun Kanjan, a small town near Faisalabad district

According to Express News on Sunday, police officials arrested the accused involved in the heinous crime

Both the women identified as Zainab and Amna were sisters

They had visited the small town to meet their acquaintances – Omar Farooq and Abu Bakar – who allegedly raped them and later murdered them

Police said four days ago, the accused also killed Zainab's husband Zafar Ali in Vehari and dumped his body in a canal near Burewala

Zainab was the mother of three children and Amna was the mother of two

Suspect Farooq along with his brother Bakar and accomplice Mukhtar strangled the sisters to death and hid their bodies in a plastic drum and later threw it into a canal

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Amna, 26, was married to a young man named Arif in Marola, Okara

After killing the two sisters, the accused put their five unconscious children on the railway tracks in a bid to kill them but they were rescued by a railway gatekeeper

The accused confessed to the police that out of fear of being caught, they wrapped children in blankets and took them to Sahiwal in a vehicle and placed them on the railway track so that the train would crush them but the gatekeeper saw the children and picked them up

The children were handed over to the Child Protection Bureau, Lahore

The bodies of the slain women have been received by their mother Kulsoom Bibi from Allied Hospital Faisalabad

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