If you tell yourself you’ve done it all, you’re as good as dead: Hadiqa Kiani

Singer and actor Hadiqa Kiani recently spoke about her relationship with music, struggles with ageism in the industry, as well as the joy of adoption in a recent interview with a local publication

Reflecting on where she is in her career journey, Hadiqa shared, “I am at a turning point in my life

” She added, “This is my journey and I am not apologetic about it

Whatever choices I made in life, whether they were related to music or life, they are what define me

The mistakes, the failures, whatever success, whatever turmoil I went through

The heartbreaks, the divorces, the adoption of my child, life threatening situations, my mother’s paralysis diagnosis

I have faced all of this, but at this turning point in my life, I feel alone because I am alone now

I want to make new music, which I have done recently

This new music isn’t for the viewers or the listeners

It is for myself

” On venturing into the world of acting with Momina Duraid’s Raqeeb Se, the pop icon shared, “If Momina had offered me a role that I did not relate with, chances are I wouldn’t have accepted it

But, God was so kind

She gave me the role of Sakina

I explored myself

I took out all my emotions through Raqeeb Se and Dobara

It was cathartic

It was me breaking out

” Explaining how she can be her truest self when it comes to her art, Hadiqa said,“I have been conditioned since I was a child to be told what to do

Music, and then, by extension, acting, were the only things that were pure and truly mine

” On relating to her character in Dobara, in which her character, Mehru, learns to live and love following the death of her husband, the singer shared, “‘There are so many Mehrus, including myself, all around me

They come to me in airports and at weddings telling me they see themselves in Mehru

Their husbands are with them, but they just come up to me and blatantly say it

” When asked whether she has struggled due to the industry’s rampant ageism, Hadiqa responded, “Sources very close to me told me a decade ago that my contemporaries in music had already been sent to their graves

They told me that I had achieved all that I possibly could and that I should be happy with that

I was in my 30s

So, even when I was in my 20s, I had been relatively older due to my mature nature and my mind

People used to call me ‘aapi’, ‘didi’ and ‘baji’ even in my 20s

Now that I am actually closer to an old age, I feel young

It’s all in your head

If you tell yourself you’ve seen and done it all, you’re as good as dead

” On the adoption of her son Naaday Ali, whom she adopted through the Edhi foundation following the devastating 2005 earthquake that rattled the country, Hadiqa recalled, “In July 2005, I told my sister I wanted to adopted a boy

Naaday Ali

I even knew the name with full clarity

My sister told me that I was creating more trouble for myself because I had my whole life ahead of me, and that I would be complicating it

Then the earthquake happened

” She added, “I had been through my first divorce

The script had already been written by God

He gave me [my son] as a gift and blessing

I am so grateful

” Elaborating on the difficulty of adopting in Pakistan, Hadiqa explained, “I had to go through I lot of diffulty after the adoption

I had to go through a lot of issues to get his NICOP, but NADRA has now made things easier

” “If you don’t have that motherly feeling, you won’t have it for your biological child either

It becomes a matter of necessity

[Adoption] is different because it is your own choice, and when you choose to have someone in your life who is not from your womb, then that love is something else entirely

It is unconditional

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