Why penalise Balochistan?

It is official that Balochistan’s development budget continues to remain suspended

This unbelievable aspect shows how callous the system of governance is, and how underrated is the phenomenon of development in one of the most backward provinces of Pakistan

It undeniably confirms the fact that Balochistan has been wronged, and it has been deprived of its due share of provisions merely owing to a biased political order and a lopsided administrative decorum

Reports say that former chief minister Jam Kamal Alyani had put a cap on the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) worth Rs237

22 billion, apparently in an attempt to penalise the MPs who had moved a no-trust motion against him

This is unbecoming of any democratic dispensation, and the disgusting approach proves that human development is, perhaps, secondary to political vibes

It is strange that no one from the province and the federal government bothered to highlight this discrepancy, as developmental funds stood suspended since October 2021

Reports say that efforts are now underway to release funds for 912 projects out of more than 3,000

It reminds us that developmental pursuits are subservient to political whims and wishes

The point is that funds should not be at the disposal of political nominees, and especially the constitutionally budgeted PSDP must be aboveboard

Citing poor receipts of funds and misappropriation as excuses is unacceptable

This is no less than a ploy, and is an indictment of negligence on the part of concerned authorities

Ignoring Balochistan’s development is no less than a crime

The biggest province with abundance of natural resources still lies most backward, and its people are deprived of their rights and civic amenities to this day

This fact should be acknowledged, and all resources mobilised to address the grievances in a humble manner

The recent protests in Gwadar and other areas is a testimony that people are not happy, and they are not being heard

Published in The Express Tribune, January 2nd, 2022

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