Karachi braces for a second wet spell

The port city saw overcast skies and scattered drizzling on Monday amid a forecast of light to medium rain and thunderstorm on Tuesday

The Siberian winds blowing all the way from the Tundra Region across the steppes of Central Asia down to Afghanistan and onwards to Balochistan made last stop at Karachi, sending the residents of the city, known for its mild winter, shivering to grab some soup, coffee or tea

It is likely to rain with thunderstorms in the city between the evening and early hours of Tuesday, while intermittent rains are also expected on Wednesday, said the weather synopsis for Karahi

Temperatures are expected to drop to a single-digit due to rains

However, on Monday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 16 degrees Celsius

Also read: Met office predicts 'heavy rains' in Karachi this week According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Early Warning Center, a strong system of westerly winds entered the country via North Balochistan

As a result of the effects of the system, there is a possibility of thunder and rain in the city during the evening and night on Tuesday, while there is a possibility of intermittent thunderstorms on Wednesday

According to PMD the minimum temperature in the city is likely to be between 14 and 16 degrees during the next three days

The maximum temperature in the city can be between 24 and 26 degrees but after the rain on Wednesday, it can drop to 19 to 21 degrees while the minimum could go down to nin to 13 degrees Celcius

The minimum temperature was recorded at 16 degrees Celsius while the maximum was recorded at 25

5 degrees Celsius

Winds from the Northeast (Balochistan) were recorded at a speed of 20kmph on Monday

After several days, it was not foggy on Monday morning

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