‘Please leave us alone’ Minal Khan, Ahsan Mohsin call out social media trolls

Social media has been abuzz with videos and pictures of the celebrity couple Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram ever since the two got together

Popular for their whirlwind romance, the duo made their first appearance on television together on Time Out With Ahsan Khan for its New Year's special episode

The duo candidly opened up about their first meeting, life post marriage, social media trolls and the current gas crisis in Pakistan

  The newlyweds who are usually seen having the time of their lives on social media confirmed that their reel life mirrors their real lives

Regarding their opinion about the institution of marriage and the changes it brings in lives, the duo elaborated how they’ve both adjusted and changed in several ways

  Minal has now taken a break from serials to focus on household responsibilities until she finds a good project

Acknowledging that marriage is a lifestyle change, she smilingly said, “After marriage, a husband enters your life, what could be a bigger change than that?”  However, she further added, “I know that the two of us had it relatively easier than others but  I support marriage regardless of the circumstances

” Agreeing with his wife’s stance, Ahsan shared, “I think once you find your partner, you should get married

” “However, living together can be difficult

It has not always been smooth

Ahsan screams, kicks and punches in sleep when he has bad dreams

I sometimes overexpress my anger

But we’ve both found ways to deal with it, figuring out strengths and weaknesses together,” shared Minal

  The biggest change that Ahsan Mohsin experienced was sharing his personal space with someone

He opened up about the anxiousness he felt about that particular change after  marriage, but now he “wouldn’t have it any other way

”  Minal jokingly said that she brought colours in his life and expanding on that, Ahsan said, “She literally did

My room was a typical bachelor pad with dull lighting and brown flooring

Now it’s completely white with shades that the room would have never imagined seeing

” Upon asking about Ahsan’s link with the showbiz industry, he revealed that the two of them first met on set for the drama serial Parchai

However, they didn’t click back then and according to Minal, his now-husband found her boring at that time

  Ahsan left acting soon after a film, a few commercials and drama serials, and started his own ad agency

His new venture brought the two of them together once again after two years and surprisingly that wasn’t the start of a new relationship for them either

  With the third time being the charm, the duo finally kicked it off when they met through a mutual friend– a secret person allegedly not from the industry– and got their happily ever after

  They have always been open about their relationship on social media before and after marriage and while fans enjoy the genuine love they see online, the couple is also heavily criticised by netizens for their PDA and romantic pictures

  Sharing that it’s always a different thing that irks users, Ahsan shared that “Earlier it was our romantic relationship before marriage that bothered people, whether it was holding hands, or wearing certain clothes, but now that we’re married, it still gets us in trouble

” The trolling not only includes harsh criticism but often subjects the couple to verbal abuse

However, they’ve both realised that trolling is a part and parcel of an actor’s life

Sharing that social media isn’t a defining factor for her, the Jalan starlet said, "I don't give importance to social media because what I have in real life is far better

I like to share my life and he likes to share it too

But we don't care about what people say about us

" The duo tied the knot in September last year in an extravagant wedding that went viral online

Minal shared that making the wedding ‘go viral’  wasn’t their plan but they didn’t mind the attention

“Even though we had a lot of restrictions for our photography and videography team, people who were invited did take pictures and they went viral

We tried to control it, but it’s rude to ask people to not take pictures

I looked good, Ahsan looked great, people were enjoying it so why not?” Minal recalled whilst linking her hand with Ahsan's

  Referring to a common practice in celebrity weddings, she retorted, “I cannot invite someone to my wedding and ask them to leave their phones at home

I think it’s disrespectful

”  Moving on to relatable issues, Minal shared that while she can tolerate cold showers, the current gas crisis in Pakistan has shaken things up in their household too

  Collectively ranting about the issue, the host Ahsan Khan also joined in on how they’ve exhausted options with “ugly looking electric geysers and rods that give current scares”

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