Pakistani women want equality and respect: Mira Sethi

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday observed that sex crimes and corruption had sharply increased in societies, saying these issues were not confined to one country

The premier commented that only one percent of the sex crimes are being reported in the country as the other 99% of the crimes of similar nature have to be fought by society

  “There are two sorts of crime in society, one is corruption and the other is sex crime

Sex crime has risen sharply in our society, that is rape and child abuse and only one percent of this are reported,” he said, adding, “The other 99 percent, I believe, society has to fight it

The same is the case with corruption… society has to make corruption unacceptable

Unfor­tunately, when you have leadership which is corrupt over time, they make corruption acceptable

" Dr

Hamza Yusuf (@sh_hamzayusuf) responds to Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI's question: How to deal with the menace of rising corruption & sex crimes? A thought-provoking session under the theme : Islam, Society & Ethical Revival pic


com/OJr0ZvmDvM — Prime Minister's Office, Pakistan (@PakPMO) January 2, 2022 Author and actor Mira Sethi responded to PM Imran's comments

She tweeted, "Pakistani women want equality and respect

Not “protection,” which is a euphemism for policing our lives and bodies

" Pakistani women want equality and respect

Not “protection,” which is a euphemism for policing our lives and bodies


co/v9rJgsMJ9e — Mira Sethi (@sethimirajee) January 3, 2022 Backstory The Prime Minister opined that society should take a stand against corruption making it unacceptable

PM Imran made these remarks in the second part of the dialogue with eminent Muslim scholars on “Riyasat-e-Madina, Islam, society and ethical revival” held by the National Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority

The scholars stressed the need to grapple with issues emanating from globalisation and a plethora of untamed information on the internet through proper guidance of the Muslim youth

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