Sweden develops under-skin chip that reveals vaccination status

A start-up tech company in Sweden has designed a digital implant that can be scanned to verify an individual's Covid vaccination status

The company hopes to 'transform healthcare on a global scale'

The chip measures 2mm by 6mm and costs 100 euros each

The company, Epicenter, presented the chip that can be scanned to get a person's covid passport using a near-field communication protocol (NFC)

As demonstrated in a video by the South China Post, the chip can be implanted in the arm or between the forefinger and thumb

According to the CEO of Epicenter,  Hannes Sjöblad, the process is completely reversible

In August 2017, Three Square Market became the first tech company in the US to offer employees free microchip implants, which would give them access to rooms and free food in the break room

The chips at the time had been provided by Biohax, run by a Swedish tattooist and body-piercing specialist

While the chips designed by Epicenter are not yet for sale, the company has implanted their employees with these chips as passkeys, which made headlines


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