Lacking in innovation

As the year comes to a close, Pakistan seems to have failed in yet another indicator after the Global Innovation Index (GII) ranked the country 99th out of 132 economies in 2021 — with a deplorable score of 24


The index suggests that, unlike its regional competitors, Pakistan has not been able to make significant investment in innovation in the form of R&D, education and solid infrastructure and institution-supporting innovative activities

Moreover, the country lacks a cohesive regulatory framework as the government remains ineffective for the most part

These problems persist because of the low quality of human capital as Pakistan ranks 134 in the Human Capital Index out of 157 countries

The theory in a nutshell is that if considerable development is made in learning, education and training, particularly from a young age, individuals will be more effective and competent in their jobs

This will then lead to greater innovation

Pakistan is suffering because of the abysmally low literacy rate

While education is paramount, the education system in Pakistan continues to churn out productive labourers and workers instead of thinkers and dreamers

The conservative Pakistani mindset is what is impeding progress and innovation

Innovation entails creativity

It forces one to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas and methods

The conservative attitude of our leaders towards solving problems and creating solutions has led us to the path of regression

Considering the youth bulge, Pakistan should be the hub of innovation, with bright young minds leading the way and paving new paths for prosperity and progress

But the country has been captured by a conservative few who aim to forward their own self-interests at the cost of national development

Innovation is not developed organically

It must be planned through an overarching vision

Even though the incumbent government was aware of this, their promising vision of uplifting the youth and supporting innovation has miserably fallen short

Encouragement must come from the helm if we are to see any progress in this regard

  Published in The Express Tribune, January 03, 2022

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