Muslim women ‘auction’

Hundreds of prominent Indian Muslim women were “listed for auction” in a mobile phone app just a few months after another app was found to be doing the same

Delhi police are investigating after a local journalist, also listed on the app, filed a complaint

In both cases, the women’s photographs, sometimes doctored, had also been uploaded with their ‘auction’ profiles

Most of the victims were Muslim women with a strong presence on Twitter, including journalists

In both cases, it appears that far-right individuals or groups were behind the apps, which were quickly blocked by Indian and foreign authorities after complaints on social media

The apps contained offensive references to Muslims and women

While the offensive language in both apps is usually associated with Hindutva-pushing social media trolls, Twitter handles reportedly associated with the new app and some individual handles appeared to be promoting Sikh communal causes

However, prominent Sikh journalists and politicians have suggested that this is a false-flag attempt by “fascist forces” to “put a wedge between Sikhs and Muslims”

Incidentally, both apps were initially hosted on the internet hosting site Github

Unfortunately, while Indian authorities did take quick action to take down both apps, the investigation into the first has yielded no action against any suspects

In the recent case, although Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw promised action, he would not elaborate on what that action would comprise

However, there have been true allies

Several social media users have supported the victims, while Priyanka Chaturvedi, a member of the parliamentary committee on women empowerment, said she had “repeatedly asked” Vaishnaw “to take stern action against such rampant misogyny and communal targeting of women” since learning about the first app

Chaturvedi had previously noted that the harassment of women is an issue that should rise above politics

Unfortunately, India’s ruling party does not appear to care about addressing the abuse of minority women

Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2022

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