Dread and the fugitive mind

The National Assembly has been adjourning its sessions in Islamabad due to a lack of quorum

Record reflects that the previous three sessions had been adjourned due to the same issue

It has been alleged by many that the lawmakers only come to the National Assembly to mark their respective attendances

Quite reminiscent of the old school days, defiant and rebellious

However, come to think of it, the jobs of these lawmakers only sound good on paper

It is evident that Pakistan is rife with myriad legislation which is indeed comprehensive and if implemented, would be helpful in solving various issues of the country

However, it is also an open secret that legislation, if not implemented, stands to be nothing else than a piece of paper

Worth absolutely nothing

From a lawmaker’s perspective in Pakistan, his job is to only propose laws which, he is well aware, will never be implemented

Unfortunately, that stands to be true

Any reasonable Pakistani with a little knowledge about legislation and judiciary in Pakistan is aware of the fact that the country possesses various pieces of legislation which are definitely gold standard on paper

These pieces of laws aim to legislate upon a particular issue coupled with fines and punishments which tend to ooze comprehensiveness and perfection

But when the matter comes down to enforcement, none is seen

Of course, the job of giving effect to laws is that of the judiciary

It is incumbent upon the judges of the country to ensure that legislation takes effect in its full spirit and vigour

However, due to the laxity and delaying tactics adopted by both lawyers and judges, cases never reach their conclusion and instead go on for years and years

Miraculously, if a judgement is passed, the same is appealed before the higher courts where it continues for years until the parties either lose interest in the subject matter or eventually die

Taking into account this entire situation and non-implementation, proposing bills and making laws would be the last agenda on a lawmaker’s to-do list because he is unequivocally aware of the fact that no matter how much brain-power he puts into drafting a robust piece of legislation, it will never attain its full potential and it will never in a hundred years bring about the result it was purported to bring about

When a legislator aims at improving the position of his country by presenting precise, efficacious laws, the system due to its inadequacies and delays, directs his gaze into a seamless abyss

A horizon stretching towards the bland and dark realms of futility and hopelessness

When the entire system is plagued with corruption, incompetence and external influences, where do the lawmakers find the motivation and incentive to legislate further upon matters which will never be solved? Solutions will evade citizens due to bureaucratic setup of the country

Where the budget for weapons exceeds the budget for education, what hope is left for the future generations to even dare dream of a brighter future? As of today, the state institutions are being perpetually lamented by the citizens due to their inefficiency

Bright, young minds of the country are moving to other countries for the sake of quality education and well-paid employment opportunities

Where the prime minister of a country negotiates with extremists who killed 148 innocent students, it makes sense for the young generation to start questioning their own values and morals

Currently, Pakistan faces academic extinction

The country has not produced a single reputed academic since its birth 74 years ago

The nation lacks basic education, despite it being a fundamental right under the Constitution and also lacks basic amenities such as water, food and shelter

But these are petty issues

What is really important at this stage is to decide whether Electronic Voting Machines should be made part of the electoral setup or not

Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2022

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