Nawaz Marfani, Junaid Teghani top on CTD most wanted list with Rs10m bounty

Two alleged robbers, Nawaz Marfani and Junaid Teghani, have topped the list of most-wanted criminals of Sindh

The counter-terrorism department (CTD) of Sindh police has proposed a whopping bounty of Rs10 million each for bringing the duo dead or alive

The two notorious robbers are wanted to the law in dozens of cases of murder, attempt to murder, robbery, and armed encounters with law enforcing agencies

Other alleged robbers to make the ‘most wanted list’ include  Yasin Jatoi, Akbar Teghani, Ata Muhammad Sheikh, and Dawood Sheikh

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Once finalised, the CTD officials will submit the recommendations to Home Department

According to sources, the list includes suspects involved in terrorism and other crimes in Karachi and other districts of Sindh

As per sources, the department has suggested announcing Rs10 million for bringing dead or alive the seven suspects involved in a bank robbery in Karachi

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A notification of Sindh Home Department issued in May 2021 had announced bounties on various suspects, they include Wajid Kandani Rs1 million, Washo Soreh Rs1

5 million, Bahar Baharo Rs1 million, Khan Muhammad Khanu Rs1 million, Hakim Ali Rs1 million, Ghulam Sarwar Rs500,000, Zulfiqar Ali Rs1 million, Lado Teghani Rs2 million, Ali Muhammad Hassan Gandhi Sabzoi Rs1 million, and Belo Banglani Rs3 million

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