Janhvi Kapoor concerned over rise in Omicron cases

As the world braces itself for yet another Covid-19 variant, there seem to be certain setbacks in the film industry around the world as well

With the Omicron variant on the rise, the uncertainty looms over the release of many yet-to-be-released projects

Many filmmakers have postponed their upcoming films in a bid to release them at a better slot

Jersey, RRR among others have been pushed to a later date, reported the Indian media

Just when the audience had started showing up at cinemas, the dread of shutting them down once more have grappled the fans

The unpredictability still hovers over the employees of the Indian film industry

  Bollywood starlet Janhvi Kapoor, too, has shared her worries about the effect the rise of the Omicron cases would have on showbiz

“We were just getting a sense of theatrical releases and resuming shoot life

I’m concerned about financials, job opportunities and the vision that everyone has for their releases," she told Hindustan Times, adding, "Having said that, I believe that in this situation, there’s no point losing sleeping over it because people’s health, well-being and lives are at stake; the country’s future is at stake

" Janhvi, however, felt fortunate enough to have worked throughout the pandemic

"It made me feel very lucky," the starlet told the publication

"It was an experiment in trying to gauge the climate of films during the pandemic

People did come out to see it in good numbers, which was encouraging

” The youngster spoke about feeling “under-exposed” as an actor

She went on to share, “I’m super thrilled about my films and extremely hopeful about all of them

More than anything, I’m excited about getting started on the process of becoming the characters I’m going to play in my upcoming projects

” The Dhadak star also commented on how she's looking forward to her recent collaboration, Milli, with her father, producer Boney Kapoor

“I’ve always heard stories about how magnanimous a producer he is and how he spoils his directors and his entire team

I got to witness it

There’s always this fear of not spending enough time together, and this experience ensured that we’re professionally tied to each other

I feel very thankful for that,” concluded the 24-year-old actor

Previously, Janhvi's step-siblings, Anshula Kapoor and actor Arjun Kapoor’s tested positive for Covid-19

Anshula received a rather unfortunate surprise this year for her birthday

Coincidentally, Arjun, Anshula, their cousin and film producer Rhea Kapoor and her husband Karan Bolani all tested positive for Covid-19 on the eve of Anshula’s birthday

However, Arjun’s girlfriend Malaika Arora tested negative, as per the outlet

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