In pictures: Army to the rescue as deadly blizzard wreaks havoc in Murree

The nation was left stunned when the news of 22 deaths owing to a deadly blizzard in Murree hit the mainstream and the social media on Saturday

The deaths of the tourists, including women and children who had flocked to the scenic spot to witness the snowfall, were nothing short of tragedy

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As the news broke, aid in terms of rescue and relief started arriving at the scene, bringing a new lease of life still stranded there

These images tell a tale of relief provided to those in need, as the rest of the nation prayed for their wellbeing

The personnel of Pakistan Army continued immense efforts to rescue the stranded vehicles from piles of snow at the site of the tragedy

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement that all stranded people will be shifted to five army relief camps established in Murree Division

“Food, shelter will be provided to people affected by heavy snow fall

Army relief centres have been established at Army School of Technicians Barian, Military college Murree, Jhika Gali , APS Kuldana, Station supply Depot Sunny Bank,” it added

The military’s media wing said Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) dozers and army engineers were working to clear keep roads open

“Murree Express opened and cleared for any fresh snow by NHA/ FWO/ army engineers

” All resources at the disposal of Muree Division in terms of engineering machinery have been mobilised and will remain in the field till all people are evacuated, according to the statement

While the exact cause of the deaths is being ascertained, Dr Faheem Yonus, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland UCH says that the CO is odorless, lethal if an idling car is buried in snow, the blocked exhaust (silencer) can quickly kill the passengers as they breathe CO

    The ISPR added that special arrangements were also made to evacuate people on military transport

  The personnel sent those needing medical care to the nearby hospitals for an immediate treatment

The troops also provided food on the spot to those affected by the calamity, providing them urgent relief

The children of the families stranded at the site were rescued and moved to nearby safe locations

  The military’s media wing later in the evening announced that all stranded vehicles were checked for stranded tourists

“All people in those vehicles [have been] shifted to relief camps,” it added

The ISPR further said that Military Engineers troops and dozers were still working to clear snow on Jheeka Gali-Kuldanna and Kuldanna-Barian roads

Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was ‘shocked’ and ‘upset’ by the tragedy in Murree as he ordered an inquiry into the incident

The PM said he had ordered an inquiry into the incident and was “putting in place strong regulation to ensure prevention of such tragedies” from happening in future

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