LinkedIn to add Clubhouse-style audio events this month

LinkedIn will soon launch a Clubhouse-style live audio room feature which the company has been working on for a while

  The company will announce an audio-only version this month in beta

The video version of the product will launch in spring this year

  The platform is trying to get more users to sign up to their network by launching a new events platform, which will include a listing, hosting, marketing interactive live virtual events, the company told TechCrunch

Jake Poses, the product manager said in an interview, "We want to make it easier to host virtual round tables, fireside chats, and more

Some may want the event to be more formal, or less formal

Some might want to communicate with their audience, to open up to the floor

We’re giving professionals interactivity and support

” In the last year, LinkedIn has been experimenting with features that they might add to the event like a paid ticketing option

As of now, however, the free version is being launched soon

The event platform will include essential tools which will allow interactive content end-to-end and no use of any third-party software

Just like any other video conferencing application, hosts can record and run the event from LinkedIn, allowing both hosts and attendees to communicate and discuss effectively during and after the event

These event platforms will be used to build content at career development, professional topics and other ideas related to LinkedIn

The website aims to create a more active Creator Community granting creators access to LinkedIn Live

The Creator Community, according to Poses is 1

5 million

He hopes that the idea will help those who need or want to be able to integrate third-party apps and software in the production

LinkedIn's anual virtual event creation has grown over 150% in the last year and a 231% increase in attendees of virtual events

  Talking about interactive events being the future, Poses said, "As long as I could remember, I have gone to talks and meetups

These are the mainstays of how professionals communicate and learn things

But they require money, time to travel, courage to go into a room and speak, and space to run an event

Our belief is that moving from in person to virtual is actually democratizing and opening up access to many more people

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