Special unit set up to clear snow from roads

Communications Minister Punjab Sardar Asif Khan has said that a special unit in the Murree Highway Department has been set up and equipped with the latest machinery, resources, and funds to deal with potential problems that may occur in the upcoming snow season

The minister assured that timely clearance of snow from the roads would ensure that locals and tourists would not face any problems

He added that all necessary construction and repair work of roads in Murree city will be completed before the first snowfall of the season

While talking to media, he said that when he had visited Darbar Mohra Sharif two years ago, the road was in a bad shape, which made it hard for the local populace and devotees of the Darbar to travel on the route

Sardar Asif Khan said that the issue has now been addressed, terming the new concrete road a gift for the residents of the areas as well for the pilgrims visiting from all over the country

He said that instructions have also been given for the construction of shoulders on the road to avoid any hindrances in traffic flow

The minister further said that the construction of Kashmiri Bazaar on the Mohra Sharif Road will also be completed as soon as the snow season concludes

AC for timely completion of work Assistant Commissioner (AC) Murree Muhammad Umar Maqbool has urged the traffic and motorway police to ensure a continuous smooth flow of traffic in Murree during the snow season

He also directed the relevant authorities to ascertain an uninterrupted supply of water for residents and businesses in the approaching cold weather and insisted that any construction material found lying on the roads ought to be removed immediately

AC Murree also invited recommendations from the participants and assured them of his intention to take their suggestions into account

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2021

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