Vaccine hesitancy

Like elsewhere in the country, the Omicron variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been recorded at nearly 190,000 in the province

Ironically the provincial government is now focusing more on motivating people to get the booster jabs than on primary inoculation

This is preposterous given that more than half the people have not yet received even the first injection in K-P

The government is not, however, entirely to blame for the deteriorating Covid-19 situation, though its priorities seem to be misplaced

The national organisation dealing with coronavirus has tightened curbs to control the highly contagious super spreader

The slow rate of inoculation in some places is largely attributable to vaccine hesitancy among people

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, a clear-cut divide has emerged between the pro-vaccine camp and the anti-vaxxers

This is considerably hindering the government’s efforts to inoculate the whole population, because even one unvaccinated person can potentially upset the whole vaccination drive

The un-inoculated pose serious risks to the fully vaccinated considering the contagious nature of the coronavirus

What makes the Omicron mutation more dangerous is its vaccine-escape phenomenon

It can infect those who have earlier recovered from the illness

Now it is being witnessed that a vast majority of people are disregarding precautions

This care-free attitude is endangering their lives and those of others

Vaccine hesitancy is prevalent in all countries and across all classes of people

Amazingly, even when the anti-vaxxers have seen the catastrophe caused by the dreaded virus in all parts of the world, they are sticking to their rigid stance

The havoc inflicted by coronavirus around them and media coverage of the disastrous pandemic have failed to move them

They should obligingly provide a push to the vaccination drive

Experts are of the view that many preventable diseases are re-emerging because of vaccine refusal by anti-vaxxers

Get anti-Covid jabs and adhere to corona protocols

Protect yourself and others from the dreaded infection

Published in The Express Tribune, January 22nd, 2022

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