The Jacks of society, stealing from the giants

Case 1 Master Munna was a poor boy, small in stature, dumb in ways

His mother Aunty Munni kept telling him to mend his ways and start working in the village shops, but no, all Munna wanted was to loiter around the village, play with buntay (marbles), and waste his days

Then one day, Aunty Munni said that there was a job fair in the village that Munna must attend

He attended the fair, got a job at the zamindar’s (landlord) mansion, and started stealing the landlord’s gold bricks

What do you think happened to Munna? Case 2 Little Haawis thought it was justified to take others belongings without asking them

Why you ask? Because she assumed that her humble beginnings allowed her to take from others who were more fortunate

But that is wrong, right? That is just plain wrong

Haawis would go into her place of work named Castles in the Air which was owned by the Giants, and pocket little things here and there

The pocketing of little possessions went on for years, the residents of Castles in the Air always founds their little treasures missing but never thought to question Haawis

Since the residents were wealthy, they lived like the wealthy and such was their lifestyle

After all, it was Haawis who started grudging the wealth of the Giant family, and not the other way around

Case 3 Who is a mother? A woman who wants our best interest, who wants us to always do the right thing, who guides us to achieve greatness, who tells us not to cheat

So in essence, when we choose not to follow her advice, we find ourselves making bad decisions

In this instance, Bubbi refused to listen to his mom

Once, I heard Bubbi say that he was willing to sell his deceased father’s watch to get cash for a nice big party

Mom had advised to sell the watch, but only to get capital to start a new business

Alas, Bubbi did not listen to the wisdom of his wise mother, and sold the watch

He had an extravagant party, invited his friends who resided in Castles in the Air

As the party concluded, Bubbi realised his folly and as he went to sleep that night, he prayed that the morning would lead him to the gateway of the Giants’ household

  Moreover, he cursed himself for not paying heed to the words of his mother

Historically, fairy tales have a dual purpose: to entertain and to inform

They teach valuable life lessons to children through a good story

So what do kids learn from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? As a child, understanding Jack and the Beanstalk was simple

In my mind, Jack was the protagonist who did the right thing by stealing from the unsuspecting giants

Yes, that was acceptable as a child but not as an adult

Why is it okay to steal from others who are more fortunate? Why do we assume that the different ones (the ones from a different class) can only accumulate their fortune by sinister means, and hence it is justified to steal from them? Comedian Jeff Konkle best described the morality in Jack and the Beanstalk as: 1

Disobey your mother’s orders 2

Talk to random strangers on the street 3

Buy peculiar objects from those strangers 4

Climb tall things 5

Break into private residences 6

Steal repeatedly 7

Murder the owner of the private residence 8

Live happily ever after In his essay, titled ‘What moral lessons can be learned from the story Jack and the Beanstalk?’, TB Whitt observes: “When your mother sends you to the market, do what she tells you to do

Do not let your eyes become bigger than your wallet, and Jack does exactly that

We see Jack’s greed as he lays eyes on the giant’s harp, the gold coins and the hen that lays the golden eggs

He desires it all to become his

Hence the truth, ‘wrong will always be wrong however much it is justified’

” Funnily enough, the obvious human reaction to any person of lesser means stealing from the rich is to applause for the person hailing from humble beginnings, simply because it is our natural instinct to cheer for the underdog

Well, I say enough of that

Next time when faced with a similar event unfolding, study the situation, use your fair judgment and send Jack to jail

Yes, send Jack to jail and not the giant

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