From a politician to a statesman: In an era of dirty politics, Imran Khan’s speech was a breath of fresh air

All eyes were glued to the television screens when he first addressed the nation as the prime minister in waiting

Challenges awaiting Imran and his party are piled up like Jenga blocks; one wrong move could mean the entire tower of blocks collapses

However, if the victory speech is anything to go by, then Imran has already won our hearts


com/alisalmanalvi/status/1022461439733317632 Here are a few moments that touched my soul as Imran addressed the nation after a dominant victory

Humility, even at his peak For 22 years, this nation has humiliated and ridiculed him in politics; for not even 22 seconds of his speech did he try to get even at his critics

From being labelled a ‘Yahoodi agent’ (Jewish agent) to ‘Taliban Khan’, Imran had spent an eternity fighting campaigns that tried to malign his name from one extremist ideology to another

He was speared with personal attacks day in and day out when he became a threat to other mainstream parties

Yet he let go of the past in one sentence


com/NaziaMemon01/status/1022473707019792384 If Imran can refrain from passing comments at his opponents on a day that took 22 years to come, then supporters of PTI should take a leaf out of their leader’s book

His selflessness when talking on issues facing Pakistan, rather than hailing his knock-out punch to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after defeating them, was admirable

He started speaking extemporaneously right from his heart, as if the issues ailing this country have been circulating in his mind this entire time

This was new because usually the ‘parchi’ tells our leaders what the problems are of the local hopeless citizens

  The missing ‘parchi’ Nothing has been more embarrassing to me as a Pakistani living in the US than watching Nawaz Sharif sit in front of President Barack Obama and read sentences off his little ‘parchi’

To be clear, this doesn’t have anything to do with being fluent in English, because he could have chosen to use a translator

However, the timid body language and communication skills, that even the most lenient of professors would give an ‘F’ grade to, was painful to watch

The pain is aggravated particularly when you have friends from across the border having a chuckle at your prime minister


com/MoeedNj/status/1022482887705276416 Watching Imran talk like a leader and someone I could aspire to speak like one day has been a breath of fresh air

This wasn’t the first time we saw Imran talk

After all, this man had the stamina to deliver a speech for 126 days straight during the dharna without a single parchi

I never had doubts on his ability to speak, but nevertheless, this was the first time he was going to address the nation as a prime minister in waiting

This speech wasn’t exactly from the top of a container, addressing a local crowd with some music

Each word from his mouth was going to reach the whole world through the international media and leave an impact

His composed body posture and the delivery of speech were both captivating

This time when the Pakistani prime minister visits the US, I’ll be sitting with my head held high next to my Indian friends

Relations with India Talking of my Indian friends reminds me how I was surprised when Imran touched on the relationship he plans to build with India, because the real foreign policy makers were not present in the camera frame

I am not sure how this will sit with the powers that be when it comes to peace with India

Nonetheless, Imran was brave enough to talk some sense in regard to building a relationship with our neighbour

Patriotism bodes well for the nation, but overdose of patriotism leads to illogical decision-making

Imran’s message to India had the right mix of patriotism and sensibility


com/mosharrafzaidi/status/1022458799762878473 Gone are the days when guns and bombs could decide a dispute over a piece of land

Pakistan and India both possess weapons of mass destruction, therefore shallow slogans loaded with shots of patriotism aren’t going to get us anywhere

If any progress is to be made on Kashmir, it has to be done diplomatically over the table

I was impressed to see Imran open the door for talks with India despite our opposition in Kashmir, but that wasn’t all

He opened the door for his political opponents as well to help investigate rigging allegations

Gesture of conciliation Pakistan is the only nation where candidates participating in the election must all be declared winners otherwise it’s not a fair election

As far as I can remember, I haven’t seen a single election where the losing parties have not cried foul, including PTI

Thus, the rigging claims in this election from PML-N and other parties are like consuming the same junk food in a different package

Imran’s offer to open whichever polling stations the opposition demands is a welcoming gesture that even his critics must appreciate

He has lived up to the standards he had set for himself when he demanded four polling stations to be investigated after the 2013 General Elections

I could keep picking more talking points because I loved every single second of the speech

For the first time, a victory was taken as a responsibility to serve the people

It isn’t exactly an opportunity to shout a few slogans at a crowd and go home to live the luxurious life for the next five years

Time will tell if Imran can practically implement his plans, but thus far, I like what my ears are hearing


com/Maria_Memon/status/1022456967778979841 Pakistani politics is that pothole on the side of the road that everyone notices, but no one takes the ownership to fix

With time, filth from the society starts to accumulate in that pothole

It gets to a point where it’s clearly unhygienic, but every passer-by thinks it’s too late to be fixed

Imran could have crossed that pothole in a fancy car without having to bat an eye

However, he was a crazy, stupid, stubborn man who decided to get out of the car, fold his sleeves and dirty his hands in an effort to clean this corruption-filled pothole

Thank you Imran Khan – our nation is indebted to you

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