Style 101: 9 Lines

A good tee is a wardrobe staple for just about anyone

Whether you’re rocking one solo with jeans, layering up with your favourite jacket or dressing a finer version up with a suit, or pulling on a sweat-wicking take on at the gym, a good fit is important

This summer, 9Lines, brings the coolest tee collection

Ranging from crisp white tees to funky-coloured ones, their tee collection is something not to miss this summer

It is love at first sight with these stunning tees by 9lines or they prefer to call them Tease

Dramas-This Tease is perfect for all the Drama Queens that keep everything interesting and know how to spice things up

This Tee will be the staple of every wardrobe- the portable poster

Tipsi Typically you know exactly what’s up and what’s going on but sometimes it’s fashionable to be a little Tipsi

For many this tee will be one of their beloved pieces of garment

Trash It’s safe to say when something or someone is getting picked up - What are your guesses? This t- shirt design took a turn making it into a platform for self-expression

You could represent your belief or tell the world about it via your garment

Stranger Things The truth may be stranger than fiction but it’s also just as entertaining if not more

This fun Tease really is bringing the world together in a cheeky way

9lines used the tee’s canvas creatively and cleverly

Emily in Lahore Lahore definitely has more charm and excitement than Paris and of course better food

Use this graphic t-shirt to tell the world about your vacation or experience without even speaking about it

Voltage and Dates We love the vibes, colours and ethos of everything that is 9lines, and these new shirts that they call ‘Tease’ are everything we wanted and more

Though it can also be just a funny t-shirt without any strong beliefs behind it and just enjoy wearing and flaunting it

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