What/If: Defying the norms of conventional television

This is where the new Netflix neo-noir thriller What/If comes in, for it defies the norms of conventional television

Based on what I believe to be the concept of opportunity cost – something to lose, something to gain – the premise centres on the notion of power used by the privileged as an effective tool to manipulate the disadvantaged



com/watch?v=AFnI887xhBE Academy-award winner Renée Zellweger stars in the provocative thriller as Anne Montgomery, a mysterious investor based in California who convinces a young couple to settle for $20 million to save their plummeting company in exchange for something sinister

This agreement and its consequences are what make this an intriguing watch

The writing is pretty much the heart of the show

Immaculate dialogues, nuanced characters and relationships, both broken and unscathed, are a few exciting features that make it compelling

 Not to forgo the incredible acting prowess of Zellweger, who impeccably embraces the character of Anne

Though Zellweger stands out, other cast members render decent performances as well

Subtle gestures, symbolic interaction and character development are some commendable aspects that intensify the actors’ performances

There is a lack of emphasis on any of these factors in today’s television landscape, but this show manages to challenge that flaw

The 10-episode anthology series sets an outstanding example of the world we live in and its vices: thirst for power and control

The enticing choices offered to us either make us or break us

One of the most striking features of the drama is its attention to detail

The writers have chosen a unique script for the series and have been able to develop the characters swiftly within the hour of the pilot episode

We know beforehand what to expect from each character, which only confirms a well-written script

Another compelling factor is the dark and mysterious ambience that compliments the show’s premise

The sets and locations play an equally significant role in achieving this feat

However, ultimately what will propel viewers to tune in to more episodes of the series is Zellweger’s incredible performance

It is normally quite a challenge to keep up with a pilot episode for a whole hour, but this show is an exception

Intense scenes intertwined among the well-developed characters will keep you thoroughly engaged

There is also more to the story than just the couple and Anne

Every character has a tale to share, with loose ends

Although extracting answers right away is not an option we can readily avail, but lucky for us Netflix has released all 10 episodes simultaneously as they normally do for every show, taking the waiting game out of the equation

What/If is there to tempt, intimidate and tease, with plot twists that are too good to be true

The show introduces us to a fictional world that appears deceptively real

 It has lived up to my expectations, which is extremely rare

Tune in to the drama to uncover the darkest hour of television

You won’t be disappointed

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