Hearty and healthy lentil soup with oatmeal

I love this recipe as it is great comfort food with a mild flavour which satisfies the palate as well

All I need to do is combine raw lentils, oatmeal and fresh tomatoes with some traditional spices

I leave it on the stove and let it cook itself

Once it’s cooked, I make a smooth puree in the blender to form the soup

It is done in a few steps without a lot of effort that quality cooking usually requires

For example, preparing this soup involves neither any marination or soaking of food, nor any cutting or chopping

This soup is very healthy because of the classic oatmeal grain I use as a unique ingredient

 Oats have nutritional superpowers offering multiple health benefits, including decreasing cholesterol level and reducing the risk of heart disease

They provide a boost and maintain my energy levels for the day

I believe that they provide a pleasant texture and a mild nutty flavour too

Furthermore, the soup provides warmth particularly during winter when we tend to be relatively less active

 Most importantly, the dish becomes immensely flavourful when a dash of fresh lemon juice and herbs are added

 They help to create a distinct fragrant flavour and really complement the soup

Here is my soup recipe for you from my kitchen

Preparation time: 1 hour Serves: 6 Ingredients: Red split lentils (masoor dal): 1 cup Yellow lentil (moong dal): ½ cup Oatmeal: 1 cup Turmeric powder: 1 tsp Chicken or vegetable stock: 1 Fresh tomatoes: 4 (large-sized, roughly chopped) Water: 3 cups Kaffir lime leaves: 4 to 6 Lemon wedges: 6 Black pepper: 1 tsp Combination of spice powder: 1 tsp (cumin seeds 1 tsp, raw coriander 1 tsp, red chilli flakes 2 tsp

Roast each of them on low flame and blend in a mixer into powdered form) Fresh cilantro: 1 tbsp Salt as per taste Method: 1

Mix both lentils (yellow and red) together


Wash the lentils in cold water


 Put a heavy soup pot on medium heat

Add lentils, oatmeal, chicken or vegetable stock, turmeric powder, combination of spice powder, salt and kaffir lime leaves with three cups of water

Cook for 20 minutes and bring to a boil

(Tip: Kaffir lime leaves provide a distinctive lime aroma and flavour) 4

Add roughly chopped tomatoes

 Cook and stir occasionally for about 15 minutes

(Tips: Check the consistency of the soup and add water accordingly

Once the soup is ready, set it aside for a few minutes to cool) 5

Discard the kaffir lime leaves from the soup


Using a blender or a food processor, blend the cooked lentils to make a smooth puree


Cook the soup again on low heat, adding more water if required to get the desired consistency but try to maintain the thickness of the soup while cooking

 Stir and cook for about five minutes


Add black pepper, adjust the salt and mix well


Serve the soup warm with lemon wedges and cilantro

We can serve this soup with a variety of toppings

My husband personally prefers it with fried crunchy onions on top, while my children like it with pita chips

You can try it both ways or whichever way you like

Even the ever-favourite Slims chips go really well with it for those who want a dash of extra spice and crunch

Hope you enjoy this hearty meal! (All photos: Ayishah Taliaferro)

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