Aao Parhao – The forever existing struggle for education

Teaching is often considered a last resort by many, when they have tried their luck with everything else

And this, in turn, reflects the quality of their work

Many take this profession lightly, not understanding the colossal role this profession has to undertake

After all, “How hard can teaching little children be?” Right? Why there is a need to recruit well-educated and willing teachers The relationship between a student and a teacher is crucial

It either makes or breaks us

Throughout my student life, I came across teachers who were feared and talked about behind their backs

While that’s a shameful thing to do, it also showed how unwilling the teachers were to change their ways

They knew they were not respected, but they couldn’t care less

It is imperative for any school to hire qualified teachers

Why? Because teachers interact with students at a time when their minds are very fragile and susceptible to change, and if not dealt with care, a bad teacher can have adverse affects on his/her students

Teachers need to have the skill to interact positively with their students and help them indulge in meaningful activities

For this, there are many institutions in Pakistan who not only aim at making a connection with young learners, but also trainer individuals to effectively take up their teaching avatars

The need for Pakistan to promote social inclusion There is this social enterprise in Islamabad named Lettuce Bee Kids (LBK)

I’m sure most of you would know about them

What you don’t know probably, is how it was formed

The story of Sarah Adeel’s LBK began when she met four street children who did not know what painting was

They did not know how people painted, nor were they ever told about it

It was apparent that these children were being socially ignored

This story behind the conception of LBK is not decades old

It happened just a few years ago

And I’m sure there are many more children that have no idea what painting is even today, let alone how a Smartphone works, or what a personal computer is

And somehow, it is largely because of the negligence of their school teachers that they are unaware of these things

Most street children often study at government schools for the first few years of their lives, after which they are taken out of schools and made to work and earn for the family

However, even in those initial years, the children learn little because the teachers who are present in our public schools lack experience and professionalism

The role of a teacher Each summer, LBK organises an internship program where street children from Islamabad are provided a three-month course on basic developmental activities

LBK monitors and scores each child’s progress in four key areas – aptitude, attitude, energy and manner

The last summer internship was very successful

Report cards for each of the children can be viewed here

Initiatives like these can be great for children

The summer interns were willing to help the kids

And I think that is needed for the education sector; to hire teachers not only on their ability to understand, but also on their ability to deliver

This brings in a very crucial question, one which has been lingering since the beginning of this blog: How can an unwilling teacher educate children when he/she is only there to earn a living? That is where our schools need to work

We need motivated teachers who are willing to give their utmost best and help students in whatever way they can

Let’s not play with the future of our children anymore

The right way forward – empowering the powerless If we educate a child today, we educate an entire generation

That child will become a teacher one day and will continue to fight illiteracy

That child’s offspring will be an integral part of tomorrow’s society

Teachers and educational institutes will have to play a crucial role in the right upbringing of these children

Teaching is a profession which plays a crucial role in making children successful in their future

There is a need to implement strict selection criterion for teachers

How can an unwilling teacher educate children when he/she is only there to earn a living? Let’s not play with the future of our children anymore

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