Ahsan Khan is set to break gender stereotypes in upcoming show opposite Hira Mani

Amidst the countless misogynistic storylines and gender roles represented on television, Ahsan Khan and Hira Mani's upcoming project, Hum Dono, is set flip the script on male representation onscreen

The first two teasers of the mini-series portray a happy nuclear family, with Ahsan and Hira standing strong despite all the challenges they face in their marriage

Although the couple's romantic troubles made the show a bit intriguing, the third trailer has sealed the deal for viewers

Drifting away from the typical gender tropes, Ahsan's character in the short series is seen as being sensitive, soft and emotional

He deals with his relationship problems with love, care and thought

As the one-minute teaser starts, the Udaari actor voices out a concern that not isn’t only a rampant issue for onscreen couples, but also for those in real-life relationships

He asks, "What do men do? Try their best to dominate women, hurl abuses at them and get angry at them, what kind of relationship is that?" From this question, the teaser shifts to a series of scenes that present a different kind of man

A man who makes dinner and is not afraid of expressing his emotions

A man who cries while his partner comforts him

However, the clip further reveals that although Ahsan is admired by his family, society shuns him for not being like other men

"When I don't even think like a typical man, why should I act like one?" asks Umar to his wife Mahi, played by Ahsan and Hira, respectively

The trailer closes with the question, "Having broken all stereotypes, would society be ready to accept this man?" While the series may appear quite intense, Ahsan revealed during a behind the scenes interaction that it's a lighthearted comedy that is full of entertainment and tear-jerking lessons

Speaking about his role as Umar in the series, the Meray Humnasheen actor says, "My character is a decent and educated man, however, his circumstances are very different from an ordinary person

He has a unique relationship with his wife and children

I would say the series is a romantic story with a bit of satirical humour in it too

Overall, it's a really interesting package

" On the other hand, Hira also discussed her role in an upcoming show in a curtain raiser episode

"Mahi, my character is an extremely scared person but never voices out her fears to anyone

She keeps all her insecurities and problems inside her heart and pretends in front of the world

In a sense, she is a realistic character that everyone can relate to, just a girl trying to make her life better

However, there is a twist, that at the end of the day, she reveals a secret to everyone which changes everything," detailed the Do Bol star

Looking at the majority of drama productions in Pakistan, perpetuating rigid gender roles has become a standard

Having men scream and physically abuse their partner is viewed as normal, not only on screens but in society too

Perhaps, with more thought-provoking depictions of men, like Ahsan’s in Hum Dono, the audience can learn something instead of just watching toxic patterns replaying onscreen

Hum Dono is set to release this year

It stars Hira, Ahsan, Azra Mansoor, Bismah Babar, Faizan Chawla, Taqi Ahmed, Asfar Khan, and Feroza Muhammad in pivotal roles

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