There are no differences amongst us: SRK talks about achieving religious harmony in India

After Shah Rukh Khan's latest film Pathaan became the target of scrutiny and religious fanaticism, the actor had to face many obstacles and criticism to his long-awaited comeback on the big screen

The row heightened to the extent that a Hindu supernatural leader threatened to burn the superstar alive

Although the Siddharth Anand directorial has now been released in cinemas, King Khan took his chance at a press conference held this week to speak about harmony and love in society

Taking to Twitter, a fan shared a video of the Jawan star talking about equality in all religions and cultures

In the clip circulating online, Khan pointed towards his Pathaan co-stars and said, “This is Deepika Padukone, her name is Amar

I'm Shah Rukh Khan hun, i'm Akbar

That is John, he's Anthony

And this is what makes cinema - Amar, Akbar and Anthony

There are no differences that any of us have for anybody, for any culture or in any aspect of life

We love you, that’s why we make films so you give us love

" He then went on to thank his fans for their endless devotion

"We are actually hungry for love, and when we receive it from you people, thats enough, none of the box office numbers matter then

There's nothing greater than a fan's love for us celebrities," expressed Khan

The Dilwale actor then concluded his statement by talking about the importance of preserving Indian culture

He stated, “And we have to keep our culture, our old stories and all that is seeped into this beautiful country which is India — we have to tell the stories in modern ways, in different forms

And when we tell the stories in different ways there is no way we’re deriding anybody

We’re just trying to speak the language of youngsters which has changed

” Shah Rukh Khan just gave a MASTERCLASS in how to do a press conference

This is why he is the KING

He promotes religious harmony, inclusivity, love and happiness

I’m glad I chose my childhood hero well

#Pathaan pic


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