BF-7 sub-variant

It was only a matter of time that the latest Omicron sub-variant BF-7 would enter our border with the first case being detected in a 49-year-old male patient

This variant has caused much havoc in China and even in the US, it is estimated to account for 5

7% infections last year

BF-7 is threatening due to its high infectivity rate, shorter incubation period and immune-evasive characteristics

The health department report indicates that five new cases were detected over the past two days

This situation is alarming and calls for ramping up monitoring systems to ascertain how much the virus has spread since people have stopped taking Covid-19 tests

Moreover, the winter season has brought with it the flu and other viral infections

Since symptoms are similar, people may easily mistake one for the other and take the wrong medication

To avoid this, an awareness campaign must be initiated on television and social media to urge citizens who are showing symptoms to get tested at the earliest

It would also be prudent to start a booster vaccination campaign for senior citizens and vulnerable groups before cases see a sharp rise

It is expected that the government has a regulation system in place to fight the emergence of more Covid-19 waves in the future

Ideally, such a system should entail different phases that are initiated at different situations so that a complete lockdown remains the last resort

The precarious economic situation of the country should prompt officials to monitor the situation directly and take early action if cases start to surge

The country cannot afford slow down the economy even further for a situation that could have been prevented

Procuring booster vaccines and healthcare facilities should be on the contingency list

Published in The Express Tribune, February 3rd, 2023

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