Nabeel Qureshi, Hira, Mani attacked by armed men during shoot, crew badly injured

Filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi took to Twitter on Monday and shared that his cast and crew were 'attacked by a mob' while they were shooting in Karachi

Actors Hira Mani, Salman Saquib Sheikh (Mani), Gul-e-Rana and multiple child artists were also present at the time of the incident

The Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad filmmaker further said that the armed men forcefully entered the house they were shooting in and harassed women as they looted their equipment and eventually fled the scene

"We have been attacked by a mob in PIB Colony, Jamshed Quarter Martin Road during the shoot," Nabeel wrote on Twitter

"They got into the house we were shooting a hundred people

They harrases women/actresses

[The mob] beat the sh*t out of the crew, stole mobiles, equipment

" 1/1 We has been attacked by mov in PIB Colony/jamshed quater martin road during shoot they got into the house we were shooting a hundred of people they harrases women/actresses, beat the shit out of crew, stole mobiles, equipment @HiraMani_real @ManiSalmanKhi #gulerana — Nabeel Qureshi (@nabeelqureshi) February 6, 2023 The filmmaker, who was at a police station when he was penning the ordeal, added, "We are sitting here in the PIB police station, and they attacked like anything

Honestly, this never happened before in Karachi

They were equipped with weapons, they stole mobiles wallet

They did not care about ladies, they raise their hands

" 1/2 we are sitting here in PIB police station, they attacked like anything honestly this never happened before in karachi, they were equipped with weapons, they stole mobiles wallet they do not care about ladies they raise their hands etc

— Nabeel Qureshi (@nabeelqureshi) February 6, 2023 The celebrated director hopes the authorities will take prompt action against the culprits

"We want Sindh Police and Sindh Rangers to take strict action against these people, to make an example out of it," he said, hoping his peers would stand with him in this trying time

"I request my fraternity - all the actors, producers to make sure that this shouldn't happen again to any of us

" I still cannot believe it, still in trauma of what has happened we had kids like 6/7 years of age, and hira keep on requesting them to behave from inside the door they were not listening, they broke the door ! It is so disturbing! @hiramani https://t

co/02DPx1f1e7 — Nabeel Qureshi (@nabeelqureshi) February 6, 2023 Hira, too, took to Instagram and shared the traumatic incident

"It was a very unfortunate event to witness today and I wish and pray no one face that ever in their life," the Kashf star penned

Adding on, Hira wrote, "I want to thank my team members who fought till the last with the culprits to save us and are in very bad condition in the hospital right now

Please take a moment to pray for their speedy recovery

" Expressing her outrage, Mahira Khan quoted Nabeel's tweet and shared, "I don’t believe this! Who is responsible? Who will answer for this?" I don’t believe this!! Who is responsible ? Who will answer for this? https://t

co/5Kv2Eu7TJc — Mahira Khan (@TheMahiraKhan) February 6, 2023 Osman Khalid Butt commented, "So sorry to hear this

Hope everyone is safe, and that the Sindh Police take swift action

" So sorry to hear this

Hope everyone is safe, and that the Sindh Police take swift action

— Osman Khalid Butt (@aClockworkObi) February 6, 2023 Indian filmmaker, Onir, too expressed concern

Responding to Qureshi's tweet, he wrote, "This is horrific

I hope you all are okay my friend

" This is horrific

I hope you all are ok my friend — iamOnir (@IamOnir) February 7, 2023 Wajahat Rauf added, "Poor state of affairs," while tagging Sindh Police's Instagram handle

  Ahsan Khan shared, "In these days and times, security is a must for areas like Jamshed Quarters

I demand that law enforcement agencies take swift action in this regard and bring people responsible for this cowardly attack to justice

" He added, "What happened with Nabeel Qureshi and his team is not okay and we should all stand up for them

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