Sana Fakhar knows people want to be entertained but says her divorce is not entertainment

Actor Sana Fakhar last year announced separation from her husband of 14 years, Fakhar Jaffri

The veteran actor shared the news on social media

Taking to Instagram, the 43-year-old star wrote, "Breakups hurt

But sometimes breaking a relationship is so mandatory to save yourself to break so much

" Now, in an interview with famous YouTuber, Nadir Ali, Sana has opened up about her divorce in a tell-all

Speaking about her split, the actor shared, "I had offered a clarification regarding my separation in the only statement I had issued last year

" Explaining further, Sana asserted, "If you don't break a certain relationship, it would break you

And you'd have to live with your broken self for the rest of your life

So, it becomes imperative to leave sometimes

" She went on to comment, "Everyone has a different destiny, we're all His people

And He won't separate you from someone who's good for you; until one of them is a hypocrite

" To this, Nadir questioned, "So, in your case [it was your husband]

Because you wouldn't call yourself a hypocrite

" Sana responded, "You can call me a hypocrite

" She further commented, "Just because I say someone's a hypocrite, doesn't necessarily mean I am bad-mouthing them

What I meant is, they might be different from how you've perceived them

It's too personal

But since I am a public figure, people want to know the nitty-gritty of this

People want to know, they also want to be entertained sometimes and we do keep entertaining them — that is our job

But since this is not part of the entertainment, I can’t entertain that much

Why it has happened is because it was difficult to break so much, I have saved so much

" Sana then added her two kids are staying with her

Previously, while announcing her split, she had shared, "With all the respect, me and Fakhar after several years of marriage through highs and lows decided to take a separate path

It’s heartbreaking but I strongly believe that God has better plans for both of us

All the best Fakhar Jaffri

" Working in India  Sana also spoke about working in India

The Yeh Dil Aapka Hua actor starred in Sunny Deol's 2007 film, Kaafila

Speaking about starring in an Indian project, Sana shared, "Sunny was a very professional actor

So humble, so down to earth

I learned so much from him in a limited amount of time

But what remained with me even after all these years is the work ethic

Their professionalism is second to none! This helps in revenue and offers longevity to your career

Both are pertinent for our line of work

" She further revealed how she managed to bag Kaafila

"I was in Dubai for Lux Style Awards and a journalist had interviewed me at that time," she recalled

"I was asked if I would be interested in working in India

I agreed, saying if an interesting enough script is offered, I wouldn't mind

Somehow, that statement reached Kaafila makers

I was an Afghani in that film

" Sana further shared that Indian actors never looked down on Pakistani counterparts

"In my limited time in India, I always found people to be very respectful," she said

When Nadir questioned if they look down on Pakistanis, Sana laughed and added, "That is not what happens at all! It's a public perception

However, we are treated as equals

In my personal experience, I would just say that it also depends on you

If you are working in Pakistan as well [if something's bound to happen, will happen]

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