Pakistani-American policeman dies after being shot in New York robbery

A Pakis­tani-American cop succumbed to his injuries and lost his life after being shot last week during a robbery attempt, the New York Police Department said on Wednesday

26-year-old officer Adeed Fayaz, a five-year NYPD veteran and the father of two young children, was attacked by the suspected robber during the robbery attempt and had been hospitalised in Brooklyn for three days since the shooting on Saturday night

Police said that a suspect, 38-year-old Randy Jones, has been arrested in connection with the robbery and he is due in court on Wednesday

The NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell took to her Twitter to condemn the loss of life by stating “our department deeply mourns his passing, and his family and loved ones are in our prayers”

“Police officer Adeed Fayaz was a father, a husband, a son, and a protector of our great city,” the commissioner added

Police Officer Adeed Fayaz was a father, a husband, a son, and a protector of our great city

Officer Fayaz was shot Saturday night and he tragically succumbed to his injuries today

Our Department deeply mourns his passing, and his family and loved ones are in our prayers



com/zK9BdHwvM1 — Commissioner Sewell (@NYPDPC) February 7, 2023 Adeed Fayyaz was reported to be off-duty when the incident took place

Fayaz had been in contact with a man selling a Honda Pilot on Facebook Marketplace for $24,000, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said

The officer and his brother-in-law on Saturday met the man, who jokingly asked whether they were carrying a gun, to which both men responded no, Essig said

“At this time, our perpetrator grabs (Fayaz) in a headlock, points the gun at his head, and demands the money,” Essig said

What a show of support for slain NYPD Officer Adeed Fayaz, who has died after he was shot during an attempted robbery over the weekend



com/O5MhWSnm5c — Preston Phillips ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ (@PrestonTVNews) February 7, 2023 When Fayaz said he didn’t have the money, the man pointed the gun at the brother-in-law, according to Essig

“Officer Fayaz was able to break free, at which time the man fired, striking him in the head,” Essig said

“As (the suspect) flees, he continues to fire towards both the officer and his brother-in-law

” The brother-in-law took a gun from Fayaz’s hip and fired at least six times, according to Essig

The assailant drove from the scene

Dashboard camera video from the brother-in-law’s vehicle helped detectives identify the car the assailant fled in, he added

The assailant reportedly had led both the officer and his brother-in-law down an alley where the shooting took place

There were no cameras in the alley

New York State Assembly member Jennifer Rajkumar condemned the tragic incident, calling the slain officer a 'hero'

We lost a hero today

Officer Adeed Fayaz of @NYPD66Pct devoted his life to keeping us safe

He leaves behind his wife and two daughters

I join his family, @NYPDNews, and the entire city in mourning his loss

๐Ÿ™ @nypdpals @NYPDMuslim @NYPDDesi @NYPDPC @NYCPBA pic


com/z3LO5AFczz — Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar (@JeniferRajkumar) February 8, 2023 The NYPD Muslim Officers Society Muslim also expressed their condolences, condemning the death of the slain officer

Extremely sad and heartbreaking to announce the death of one of our proud member Police Officer Adeed Fayaz

He was a dedicated and hard working officer that put his life on the line each day to protect the people of #NYC ุฅูู†ูŽู‘ุง ู„ูู„ูŽู‘ูฐู‡ู ูˆูŽุฅูู†ูŽู‘ุง ุฅูู„ูŽูŠู’ู‡ู ุฑูŽุงุฌูุนููˆู†#NeverForget pic


com/9OaHrwjtya — NYPDMOS (@NYPDMuslim) February 8, 2023 It is pertinent to note that there are about 500 police officers of Pakistani origin serving the New York police department

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