High hopes and excitement: Fans can’t wait for Faris, Shae, Asim’s PSL anthem 

The eighth edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is just around the corner and fans are anxiously waiting for the highly-anticipated anthem

This year, an extremely promising collaboration between Faris Shafi, Shae Gill, Asim Azhar, and Abdullah Siddiqui has been announced, and the consequent anticipation is palpable

Understandably, fans are taking to social media to share their takes on this mix of talent

While the responses are of varying degrees, an overarching feeling of looking forward to the release seems to be evident


Excited to see @AsimAzharr performing 🫶🫶 https://t

co/3wXFoeqtA0 — Malik Umer (@Umer4204) February 8, 2023 REALLY EXCITED THAT LINEUP IS 🔥 https://t

co/pSDjq9pnuM — Hania (@hania19x) February 7, 2023 The anthem is gonna be an absolute blockbuster look at that lineup https://t

co/XUkVD1SQZz —

(@AnasMagnificent) February 7, 2023 Woah

Gonna be hitttttt https://t

co/2SxNzwY89I — Ambreeeen

(@Nostalgicc_A) February 7, 2023 If Abdullah is there, then it's sure gonna be a banger pic


com/ObWYmJYeDM — PCT meme | Bully 🐂 (@PctMeme) February 7, 2023 Donno why people are up against him

He’s prolly the most insane rapper and a very creative artist

He’s class as we all know but he did shown it in coke studio as well

Trust this madman

he don’t give disappointments


co/Ft0OWHL6Wq — 𝘿𝙚𝙭𝙩𝙚𝙧🩸 (@DrCoverDrive) February 7, 2023 the rap in the anthem about to go so hard https://t

co/J2XvruWfRL — amna (@rhythmaftercbx) February 7, 2023 Wohooooo I just have this gut feeling k anthem bohattt best honay wala hai 🥹#PSLAnthem https://t

co/nPh05NA71q — Abeeha (@PCTdedicated) February 7, 2023 Hope we see a Masterpiece like Passori❤️ https://t

co/gelgxrZPDx — اویس💛 (@_whoisowais) February 7, 2023 Others can’t help but reminisce, given that Ali Zafar’s previous PSL anthems have stayed in the hearts of fans @AliZafarsays bhai ab aap haazir ho jao!! #PSLAnthem https://t

co/4jjN83rpUF — Shoib Khan (@khan_shoib12) February 7, 2023 There is no one better than @AliZafarsays for PSL anthem


co/6Q3ks2zNYn — Eman 🇹🇷 (@Eman_070) February 7, 2023 Ye 4 hn wo akaila sb pe bhari tha @AliZafarsays #PSLAnthem https://t

co/fbXDulmppx — Hamza ہاشمی (@HamzaHashmi95) February 7, 2023 Missing Ali zafar days 😭 https://t

co/NXzY4yahum — Husnain' ISLU (@HusnainTbh) February 7, 2023 Ghum Hours#PSLAnthem #PSL8 #PSL2023 #AliZafar pic


com/9UyJi1avBf — Usama ki Memes (@Usamakimemes1) February 8, 2023 Some people just hate having to wait Release karday


co/03gypNgvN2 pic


com/ZOzp0vLhb9 — 𝘿𝙚𝙭𝙩𝙚𝙧🩸 (@DrCoverDrive) February 7, 2023 Chlo ab hugg do jaldi#HBLPSL8 https://t

co/GZdFSYQiht — Arslan Abdul Ghaffar (@imarslanag) February 7, 2023 Psl starts MONDAY, aur kitna soon 😫😫😫 https://t

co/qE5sZIGsNw — 🇵🇰 sporty dave 🇳🇱 (@FattySheath) February 7, 2023 Waiting



com/JICgFEbdru — Haider Khan (@haiderkhan0800) February 7, 2023 There were also a few people who had thoughts about the creative process in various ways  Shae Gill 🎤 : Aag lawaan sethi nu

Aan jaan de committee nu

Zehar bhary haan teri kha jawan ma rajaa nu Awan ma, jawan ma, PSL da gana gwa gal sari ta hovy

mery Babar Azam de centurie ho jway

gal sari ta howy 🎶🎶#PSLAnthem #HBLPSL8 #SochHaiApki #PSL2023 #PSL8 #PSL — Amna 🇵🇰🇵🇸 (@iAmnaA56) February 7, 2023 Faris b like Saray kenday stadium kithy

stadium Wich my song likhy

IPL, BPL sarayan Tay player phikhy

PSL de Samny lgy nikkay

parh dy nikkray

kha thory mithy

mong phali

bismillah day tikkay

— Ali Arslan (القدس في العيون) (@Aliarslan_18) February 7, 2023 Why always come up with mixture of so many artists? Collaboration on such anthem didn't work before and I might fail again

Kindly keep the anthem smooth and easy going

More twists you add it would become less appealing

Anyway I hope it goes great for Pakistan super league — Kamran Khan🇵🇰🇦🇺 (@KamrankhanJad10) February 8, 2023 How Faris Shafi writes a song

Credits to :- about_afroguy on instagram

#PSLAnthem pic


com/WriRaKwyiH — PCT meme | Bully 🐂 (@PctMeme) February 7, 2023 With numerous hits under his wing, Azhar continues to be a fan favorite

Shafi has carved a niche for himself within the local rap framework

Gill, too, has been enjoying a fair deal of much-deserved praise, given that she and Ali Sethi gave the world the absolutely iconic Pasoori

Siddiqui continues to make a name for himself as well, and this will be his second PSL anthem production after last year’s Aagay Dekh, which featured Atif Aslam and Aima Baig

  All in all, the interesting lineup has got people talking

The HBL Pakistan Super League 8 is to take place from February 13 to March 19 across four venues

Given that the whole show hits the road in less than a week, expectations for the new song are sky-high

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