Humraaz: Pakistan govt’s attempt at providing mental health assistance

The government recently launched a mental health assistance application for people, which provides basic help to those in need for free

Though mediocrely designed, the application helps navigate users to how they are feeling in the moment and helps explore what they might be experiencing and what assistance they might require

Users can select from a long list of options regarding their current feelings and emotional state and are then prompted to select the severity level of those feelings to measure, as best as it can, the acuteness of the symptoms

 Humraaz automatically provides a possible diagnosis with just two questions, with advice on how to deal with it

  The platform provides immediate help, by automatically dialing the hotline number for assistance or helping you look for a psychologist, while also providing calming material like generic mental health articles to read through, along with videos and a group text to talk out what’s bothering you

The calming material include numbered articles written about stress or homicide and how to recognize and deal with it

Videos only have a limited option of one or two videos that direct users to a YouTube video of a doctor talking about your diagnosed issue

The Humraaz group chat displays several number of people online, but has a glitch where texts don’t get sent or appear on the chat screen

Though the idea behind Humraaz is thoughtful and an essential requirement for Pakistanis today, the execution of the application has failed to meet the standards that such platforms require

Search for psychologists in the vicinity has not had data added and fails to provide information on psychologists users could book for an appointment

Users are also expected to sign in with either their phone number, CNIC, or email address, thus anonymity is not maintained within the application

While Humraaz marks an important milestone by the government yo offer services for those suffering from mental health issues, the application could be improved and developed more skillfully to provide a better and more helpful experience

Date:09-Feb-2023 Reference:View Original Link