Imran ‘unable’ to record statement with FIA

Former prime minister Imran Khan has expressed inability to record his statement with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Islamabad in the foreign funding case, citing security and medical reasons

"The undersigned is not only facing severe medical complications but is also having serious security threats to his life as long as the incumbent government is in power and, therefore, the statement or version in the instant case may be recorded at the present place of residence, Zaman Park, Lahore," a two-page letter written by Imran to the FIA investigation officer stated

Imran also expected that the case would be fairly and impartially investigated without getting influenced by the high-ups and political superiors so as to meet the ends of justice and fulfil the legal and codal formalities

The letter stated that this case, quite clearly and unambiguously, suffered from legal infirmities and had been registered without following due process of law and on the directions of political opponents of the undersigned

"It is, therefore, a politically motivated case in which malintent of the investigating agency is floating on the surface of record and to top it all, the FIA lacks jurisdiction and authority to investigate matters arising out of the Political Parties Order, 2002 being not covered under the FIA Act

" Reportedly, the FIR had been registered following the fact-finding report of the Election Commission of Pakistan dated Aug 2, 2022 which had not attained finality and, therefore, the very initiation of proceedings by way of registering a criminal case was without lawful authority and jurisdiction

"It is unfortunate to observe that the investigating authority has registered this case in haste, without conducting proper enquiry and recklessly applied offences which are not even remotely attracted to the case in hand

” Imran also stated that after the registration of this false case, he approached the relevant forum for securing pre-arrest bail and was granted interim bail

"However, on Nov 3, 2022 during the historic long march at Wazirabad district, an assassination attempt was made on the life of the undersigned in which one person died while 13 others sustained injuries

“In this unfortunate incident, the undersigned sustained multiple firearm wounds and fractures thereby restricting the movement as well as hampering the activities

“The team of doctors also advised not to travel unnecessarily and limit mobility

Due to this genuine and valid reason, two letters dated Dec 30, 2022 and Jan 30, 2023 were addressed to you for recording statement of the undersigned at Lahore on which no reply has been received

" The PTI chief stated, "Ever since the PDM government came to power, a series of baseless and ill-founded cases, one after the other, have not only been registered against the PTI and its allies but other dissenting voices too had to face sheer lawlessness

“The highhandedness of the PDM government did not limit to the mere registration of bogus cases but, unfortunately though, senior leadership and parliamentarians of PTI were subjected to custodial torture as well

The undersigned also experienced arbitrary actions of law enforcement agencies

Repeated attempts were made by the state institutions to implicate/involve the undersigned in a false criminal case on the directions of the incumbent government

The registration of the said FIR is another such like attempt based on mala fide intentions and ulterior motives

" It added, "Being afraid of growing popularity and acceptance of PTI among masses throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan, all political opponents and rivals of the undersigned joined hands and formed an unprecedented alliance under the umbrella of PDM and subsequently orchestrated a scheme to oust the federal government of the undersigned

“By garnering all possible support from concerned quarters and using all unfair means, the PDM managed to step into the power corridors in April 2022

However, soon after taking over the power, the political adversaries, through state institutions and functionaries, unleashed a wave of victimisation and vendetta against the senior leadership and political workers of the PTI

“The persecution even extended to social media activists as well as other critics

Many journalists had to leave the country fearing for their lives due to the blatant misuse of criminal machinery


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