Devastating quake

The death toll from Monday’s earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has crossed 5,000, with almost 3,500 of those casualties in Turkey

The 7

8 magnitude quake is one of the strongest ever in Turkey, and the deadliest since 1999

The death and damage toll is expected to rise sharply, with several estimates running over 10,000 fatalities, and comparisons are being drawn to the 1999 Izmit earthquake, which killed over 18,000 people

Powerful aftershocks — one measuring 6

7 — caused further suffering and hampered recovery efforts, which were already delayed by snow

Tremors from the two biggest aftershocks were detected as far away as Denmark and Greenland

The second earthquake came about nine hours later and measured 7


Casualties were recorded in at least 10 Turkish provinces, with one early estimate saying over 6,200 buildings, including a shopping mall, collapsed, while several heritage sites, such as the Roman-era Gaziantep Castle, were severely damaged

In Syria, the Citadel of Aleppo was among the historical buildings that was noticeably damaged

Meanwhile, the Syrian civil war has compounded relief efforts in that country

Several villages reported civilians stuck for hours because of a lack of rescue teams or proper tools

Several countries have already begun sending help, and many others volunteering with what they can

Even Pakistan, despite dire economic straits, is mobilising resources, including winter tents, blankets and other life-saving supplies from our own stocks

Search-and-rescue teams are also reportedly being offered

But less media attention has been paid to the suffering in Syria

Although Turkey saw the worst initial damage, over four million Syrian refugees who were already on the brink of a catastrophe were affected by the quake

Hospitals and temporary medical facilities were also damaged or decommissioned by the quake

The world must act fast if we are to keep the precarious situation in Syria and Turkey from falling apart

Published in The Express Tribune, February 8th, 2023

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