You know how private a phone is: Feroze Khan’s lawyer speaks up against phone seizure

With the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) having seized actor Feroze Khan’s cell phone, his new advocate, barrister Shabir Shah has taken to the press to address the matter

Shah spoke to the reporters at the court, updating them about the ongoing breach of privacy case

“This is such a case where an ordinary citizen - without a warrant, without a search or seizure order - has been detained by the FIA, and has had his phone taken,” claims Shah

“The High Court has called him, the IO, and the relevant Assistant Director to come and show cause, explaining through which powers this was done

” “Feroze was made to wait three to four hours,” continues the barrister

“When informed that they do not have such powers without a search warrant or seizure order, they did not let him go till he handed over his phone

This is why we’re at the High Court

” The attorney went on to comment, “Defamation notices were served to certain celebrities

Serving a defamation notice does not violate any laws

For cybercrime to get involved - the Islamabad High Court has already said that the FIA does not have jurisdiction in this case

Every human has a fundamental right to privacy

You all know how private a phone is to a person

I personally believe it is difficult to issue a warrant for a phone

How can you issue a warrant for someone’s phone?” This statement comes at the heels of the Khuda Aur Muhabbat star’s mobile phone being confiscated amidst a highly convoluted case

Khan served defamation notices to several members of the entertainment industry, such as Osman Khalid Butt, Sarwat Gilani, and Yasir Hussain, among others, who spoke about the allegations levied against him by his former wife, Syeda Aliza Sultan

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