Twitter Blue subscribers can now post 4,000-character tweets

Twitter now lets the Blue subscribers write up to 4,000 characters in a single tweet and a 'show more' option will be displayed for such tweets

  The social media giant took the step to ensure that the much-longer tweet does not utilise all of the screen space

Blue subscribers can also retweet or reply with 4,000 characters

need more than 280 characters to express yourself? we know that lots of you do… and while we love a good thread, sometimes you just want to Tweet everything all at once

we get that

so we're introducing longer Tweets! you're gonna want to check this out

tap this 👉… https://t

co/lge9udRzLE — Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) February 8, 2023 As per The Verge, one of the new feature's limitations is that the user can not save the draft or choose the option of posting it later if it crosses the 280-character mark

The new update was part of Musk's plan

He is also working on introducing more format options in the tweet

Blue subscription is available for purchase at $8 per month

The constant updates for Blue subscribers are a way to get more people to sign up for the paid version

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