Charlie Hebdo cartoon on Turkey earthquake draws ire

A cartoon mocking the devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Turkey and Syria was published in the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, triggering strong reactions on social media

The magazine shared the cartoon by artist Pierrick Juin in a tweet on Monday

The heading of the image is: "Earthquake in Turkey"

Illustrating heaps of rubble and collapsing buildings, the cartoon is captioned: "Don't even need to send tanks!"

✏️Le dessin du jour, par #Juin pic


com/kPcEqZDocO — Charlie Hebdo (@Charlie_Hebdo_) February 6, 2023   Many users have reacted to the cartoon with anger, criticising it for making light of the devastating earthquake that has killed at least 20,000 people and left many homeless

Dr Omar Suleiman, a US Muslim scholar, condemned the cartoon for celebrating the tragedy, calling the French magazine a "despicable publication"

"Mocking the death of thousands of Muslims is the 'peak of how France has dehumanized us in every way'," he added

“Tanks are no longer needed” they say in celebration

What a despicable publication

Always has been

Mocking the death of thousands of Muslims is the peak of how France has dehumanized us in every way

And the crazy thing is that we can’t even say this is a new low for you


co/8jWYhlCzvk — Dr

Omar Suleiman (@omarsuleiman504) February 7, 2023 Reactions from users on Twitter came in Turkish, French and English, denouncing the cartoon, and calling Charlie Hebdo a "disgrace to humanity" for publishing it

Read Rescues provide glimmer of hope among Turkey quake ruins as toll tops 20,000 The cartoon was accused of promoting hate speech and was called "racist" by Twitter users

A Turkish presidential spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, also reacted to the drawing

"Modern barbarians!" he tweeted

"Suffocate in your hatred and grudges

" Modern barbarlar! Kin ve nefretinizde boğulun


co/FS2S4WGR5C — İbrahim Kalın (@ikalin1) February 7, 2023 Interpretations The satirical cartoon can be interpreted as a comment on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's attacks against Kurdish militias in northern Syria, a region that corresponds to the areas affected by the earthquake, reported DW News

The German news agency said that the cartoon could also be interpreted as an indirect reference to Europe's weapons exports

Germany's hesitation to send tanks to Ukraine has been a topic of international discussion

In the 1990s, Germany provided hundreds of tanks to Turkey, a NATO ally, with the only condition being that it did not sell or give them to any third party

Turkey later used those tanks in a 2018 military operation against Kurds in northern Syria, added DW News

French magazine Charlie Hebdo is infamous for its provocative illustrations that have often caused controversy

In 2013, the magazine published a blasphemous caricature on its cover

earthquake in Italy

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