Relief supplies from Pakistan arrive in earthquake-hit Turkey

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft carrying tents and relief goods arrived in earthquake-hit Adana, Turkey on Saturday as the country grapples with the devastating effects of a 7

8 magnitude earthquake

The aircraft carried 16

5 tonnes of humanitarian assistance relief goods from the people of Pakistan for the earthquake-affected people of Turkey

“PAF is also making all-out efforts to repatriate stranded Pakistanis in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy in Turkey,” the PAF said in a statement

The press release added that eight Pakistani passengers will also be evacuated to Pakistan

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Additionally, aid supplies including a 30-bed mobile hospital, tents, blankets and other relief items have also been sent

It may also be noted that another 52-member rescue and relief team has also been sent to Turkey

Rescue 1122 Secretary Rizwan Naseer gave a go-ahead to the 52-member specialised search and rescue team to leave for Turkey after approval from the Punjab government and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)

He said the United Nations-certified Pakistan Rescue Team was leaving for immediate support work

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Hundreds of thousands more people have been left homeless and short of food in bleak winter conditions and leaders in both countries have faced questions about their response

The earthquake, which struck in the early hours of February 6, ranks as the seventh deadliest natural disaster this century, ahead of Japan's 2011 tremor and tsunami and approaching the 31,000 killed by a quake in neighbouring Iran in 2003

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