Watch: A young Zia Mohyeddin recites Shakespeare on PTV

The world is mourning the grave loss of the late multifaceted actor, director and theatre guru Zia Moheyuddin who passed away this early morning

And there’s no better way to remember the legend’s legacy than to watch him pay a tribute to the man he looked up to the most, Shakespeare

It would be an understatement to say that Mohyeddin was a fan of the British playwright

He has, on multiple occasions, not only spoken about his work and directed and adapted plays written by him but has also decoded what makes Shakespeare, Shakespeare

The last play staged at the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) directed by Mohyeddin was Shakespeare’s most famous tragic affair, Romeo & Juliet

Mohyeddin hosted the hugely popular television talk show, The Zia Mohyeddin Show back in the 1970s and there was a whole episode dedicated to his British maestro and his work

To reminisce, get goosebumps, and be nostalgic for the magical voice, the aura, and the enigma that Mohyeddin held, watch this clip of him reciting the work of his favourite, Shakespeare


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