Five lesser known WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most widely used instant messaging apps and has played a significant part in connecting people across the globe

  Over time, the app has been updated with various features to make communication as easy and quick as possible

There are certain features of the app, that may not be well-known to users, that can make your life easier


Find out who you interact the most with If you want to know who you talk to the most over WhatsApp or which Chat takes most and least storage, click on the three dots at the top right corner

Now choose Settings and then Storage and Data from that category

Now select Manage Storage and you will see a list of all the contacts with the most and least storage used

You can choose any contact and then delete any specific data from that Chat


Add variation to the text If you want to make your text more appealing and engaging, then bold, italicise and cross-out the words

To make your text bold, put the asterisk (*) before and after the word

For example, type *text* and press enter

To italicise, add the underscore sign before and after the word

For example, type _text_ and press enter

To cross out/strike through the words, add this “~” symbol before and after the text

For example, type ~text~ and press enter


Built-in text formatting shortcuts If you need help remembering the symbols for bold, italic and strikethrough, you can always use the built-in shortcuts

Access the shortcuts by tapping and holding the text typed on WhatsApp to get a selector tool

You will see a string of options showing undo, delete, cut, and copy

There will be three more dots on the end of the string

The additional list will have the option of bold, italic, monospace and strikethrough


Show profile picture to selected people If you are worried about the privacy of your profile picture and do not want anyone random to see it, then head to Settings and choose Privacy

Click on the Profile Photo option

Now select from Nobody, Everyone or My contacts


Change the text size If you find it hard to read the standard WhatsApp text size or feel it's too big, you can always change the font size

Click on Settings and choose Chat from the list

Now select Font Size from the Chat settings menu

Now you can choose small, medium or large text size

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