Drama for money, fame and attention: Sajjad Ali reacts to woman claiming to be his sister

Sajjad Ali has finally reacted to the news circulating on social media regarding his allegedly fake broke sister with headlines labelling him as a multi-millionaire singer who does not care for his sibling and has left her hanging on the streets

The singer shared that he is tired of people spreading baseless lies for attention, money and fame, in an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation

On Tuesday, the Tum Naraz Ho singer posted two videos clarifying that the woman in the video is not related to him in any way and that he has never met her

“Well, a few years ago, someone claimed that I got married and because of this hearsay, my family got upset with me about why I didn’t invite them to my wedding

After that, a man in Lahore claimed that I own a house in Lahore,” he said

        View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Sajjad Ali Official (@thesajjadali) “Now that this woman has claimed that she is my sister and there’s a very interesting caption with it that says ‘multi-millionaire singer Sajjad Ali’s sister is on the streets begging for money’

Let me clarify that she is neither my sister nor my cousin; I don’t even know her,” he added

Ali went on to state that he can take legal action against her but will not do so since he knows she’s poor and is doing all of this on someone else’s command

“I am aware that people make such claims in order to generate clicks and money; had she needed the money, she could have asked for better assistance

I am also aware that such claims are typically made by those who are after fame or success and or for people who desire to damage someone’s reputation and draw attention

I could take legal action against her, but I am aware that the poor woman is acting on someone else’s orders

”         View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Sajjad Ali Official (@thesajjadali) The singer said that while such statements do not affect him because he has a loyal fan base that responds to such comments on his behalf before he even has to reply to it, it’s surprising, shocking and disappointing that people do not verify news before making a big deal out of it

“I’m surprised that even education couldn’t do anything for such people

I’m reading all the comments and people should know that such things do not affect my reputation at all

My loyal fans, for whom I work and who made me who I am, will always be my side

” Ali concluded the video by saying that he will continue to work for his fans no matter what and that people should not make such news viral since it only gives satisfaction to those wanting to spread evil in this world

He also asked people to be mindful of what they comment on social media for their words can be harmful for others

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