Bilawal ‘won’t stay silent’ on undemocratic steps

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday said that his party would not remain silent to any undemocratic steps, warning that the party would fight against any threat to the Constitution

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the golden jubilee celebrations of the 1973 Constitution at the Parliament House, Bilawal said that the PPP would approach all political parties to build a consensus on a basic code of conduct in the wake of the ongoing political and economic crises

Bilawal’s speech came as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has requested the Punjab governor to give time for a meeting on Tuesday (today) for consultation regarding the date of general elections in the province

“If any undemocratic steps are taken, we will not remain silent, and wherever it is felt that there is a threat to the Constitution, we will fight against it,” Bilawal told the gathering

“Our party has always been against unconstitutional measures and will continue to do so,” he added

The PPP chairman said that the country’s institutions had been created by the Constitution

“Our provinces have the governments which are because of the Constitution

For upholding the Constitution, we have to pass through difficult times,” he added

Bilawal revealed that the PPP was forming a committee to approach all the political parties to forge a consensus on a basic code of conduct and agree to a common agenda in the wake of the ongoing political and economic crises

“The PPP-CEC [Central Executive Committee] has decided to constitute a committee tasked with evolving a consensus among the stakeholders on devising a code of conduct for resolving the issues of the countrymen,” he said

“The committee will approach all political parties for devising rules of the game to contest elections and smooth functioning of the country

Political parties should come on one page to overcome the crises facing the country,” he added

He stressed that the economic and political crises that “we are going through” were unprecedented in the country’s history

“The time that we are passing through today is a test, if we pass this test, it is our success, if we fail, the country will lose

We are trying to make this system work better”

He stressed the need for the people’s representatives to agree on a code of conduct and implement it

He emphasised that the PPP would also contact those parties which it did not like – an indication that the party would also contact the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Criticising the former PTI government, Bilawal said that the last “selected period” was also a test for the Constitution

“The damage to the Constitution during [former prime minister and PTI Chairman] Imran Khan’s tenure did not happen in any other period,” he said

“Imran Khan threatened institutions and tried to weaken the Constitution

At that time our system and the Constitution were in danger and political opponents were put in jails,” he said, but added that the damage during the tenure of Imran Khan was not happening now

Bilawal slammed the “stubborn attitude” of PTI Chairman, saying that his non-cooperation was damaging the interests of the masses

“The PTI chairman was ready to hold negotiations with anti-state elements but allergic to sit with fellow politicians,” he added

He warned against the policy of “neither we’ll play nor let anyone play”, saying that it would only harm Pakistan

He emphasised that the Constitution determined the rules of games and everyone would have to play part to uphold the Constitution

“The opposition should also play its democratic role


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