NTSOC launched for cyber security

Amid rising concerns over cyber security in Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently launched the National Telecom Security Operations Centre (NTSOC), a centralised platform that aims to efficiently manage and mitigate cyber security incidents in the country’s telecom sector

This development also presents a significant business opportunity for cyber security firms

The NTSOC, established under the Pakistan National Cyber security Policy 2021 and Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA 2016), aims to secure Pakistan’s critical telecom data and infrastructure against cyber-attacks, according to a PTA statement released on Tuesday

Speaking to The Express Tribune, cyber security Expert Etizaz Mohsin said, “The launch of NTSOC by the PTA is a significant step towards improving cyber security in Pakistan’s IT ecosystem and society

It is expected to strengthen the protection of critical telecom data and infrastructure against cyber-attacks, enhance Pakistan’s cyber security ranking and enable quick and effective incident response

” “The integration of the telecom operators’ Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and the national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) with NTSOC is a positive development that will further enhance Pakistan’s cyber security capabilities,” he observed

The NTSOC is the first ever sectoral SOC to be introduced in Pakistan, after the issuance of a Cyber Security Policy, as per the PTA statement

It involves three key components, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence, and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) all of which have been indigenously customised to improve the country’s cyber security ranking

The NTSOC will integrate with the telecom operators’ SOCs and the national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), ensuring quick and effective incident response

Six telecom operators have been integrated with NTSOC, with the rest to follow gradually

The project includes continuous enhancement in the provided solution to keep pace with the evolving cyber security threats, mentioned the statement

“In today’s world, cyber-attacks and warfare have become increasingly common,” remarked Nasheed Malik, ICT Analyst at Topline Research, while talking to The Express Tribune

“It has become a growing concern for national security agencies in Pakistan, who keep highlighting the need for improved cyber security measures,” said Malik

“This issue is not only limited to the public sector – private firms are also taking cyber security seriously – given that everything is becoming digital,” he added, adding that, “As a result, the post of Chief Cyber Threat or Chief Cyber Security Officer has become a customary position in every organisation

” “Over a year, the government issued a national cyber security policy – which was a step towards combating cyber threats

With the NTSOC the government is now aiming to centralise its efforts to combat cyber threats,” said Malik

“Both the government and private sector will have to hire cyber security specialist companies to protect themselves from cyber-attacks,” he said, adding that, “This initiative also presents an opportunity for IT companies to develop their cyber security capabilities and help organisations protect themselves from cyber threats

” Supernet Limited, a company recently listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), is heading towards cyber security, while System Limited also recently announced plans to explore the cyber security domain

“The recent incident of money being stolen from a big bank’s depositors’ accounts highlights the need for better cyber security measures

This issue is not limited to Pakistan only – it is prevalent at a global level

This is a wake-up call for both the public and private sectors to take the necessary measures to improve their cyber security protocols,” emphasised Malik

Reiterating the importance of a cyber security protocol, Malik said, “Cyber security is no longer an issue that can be ignored, given the growing number of cyber threats that organisations face

It is a matter of national security and both the government and private sector need to take proactive measures to protect their systems and data from virtual attacks

The establishment of the NTSOC is a positive step, but there is still a lot of work to be done

” Published in The Express Tribune, February 15th, 2023

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