App Review: BillPal - split bills between friends easily

BillPal is a simple yet essential app that performs the sole purpose of splitting bills between friends equally, including the share of sales tax and tips

Helping users solve the dilemma of splitting bills, this app scans the receipt and tallies what each individual owes according to what they had

Users can later text the bill divide to each friend at the end, for verification as well

Stylishly designed in purple, the app gets right down to business with its home page as a list of items that users can scan or manually write in from the bill

The People tab lets you add people to the bill, with their names for convenience, and the Split tab lets you allocate each item to a person, even if two people shared one item

The Pay tab lets users put in the tax and tip they would like to add to the bill, including a calculator to input the right amount to the bill

The bill is finalized and split according to what each had, inclusive of tax and tip

Available only on iOS, the application is free to download and importantly, doesn't include disruptive ads

Android users can try Splitwise, which is an alternative on the Google Play Store, helping users divide bills

The simple and useful application can make eating out with friends much easier, without involving a lot of phone calculators

Date:16-Feb-2023 Reference:View Original Link