Trailer: ‘Money Back Guarantee’ promises a maniacal Fawad and a crime-comedy like never before

Trailer for the star-studded Faisal Qureshi directorial Money Back Guarantee is finally out and it sees Fawad Khan, Jawed Sheikh, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Gohar Rasheed, Ayehsa Omar, among several others, in completely new avatars

A crime-thriller cum comedy, the film also marks Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram’s acting debuts

The trailer kicks off with abrupt snippets of each character, offering a cast you can get behind

It goes on to show a prison in a deserted area with the voiceover, “What do you think, can the two of us get this job done?” before it cuts to another voiceover which sets the tone for the film, “Now the game we’re about to play will be very entertaining

”Since its teaser came out, many could draw connections between the plot and apparent execution of the upcoming film to the popular Spanish show Money Heist

And now, its trailer has also given a nod to the series

“’Money Heist’ yet,” it declares

It then shows Fawad’s character schooling some political party members

“If you keep fighting like this before the elections, what impression will you leave? How will you get votes?” he is heard asking

It then cuts to shots of “Pak bank” and a bunch of robbers—our ensemble star cast—standing ahead of its giant building

“Sir, every drop of my blood is ready to spill for these politicians,” someone else is heard saying

Fawad’s character then welcomes Shaniera’s character to Pak bank and apparently gives her a tour

A song starts playing and suddenly all robbers and opposing forces are seen dancing in a montage of shots

“Accessing all that money will be easier for you guys if you are rich,” another voiceover declares

The trailer cuts to shots of a huge pile of money inside the bank with Shaniera and Wasim’s characters dancing around it

It then moves to a police intervention, as Mani’s character asserts, “He is not making us a dam, he is making a fool of us

” We then see a maniacal Fawad, grinning at the thought of something evil

The trailer closes with a shootout and a screaming Fawad demanding, “Bring them back! Dead or alive!” The ensemble film is set to release in theatres this Eidul Fitr

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