Love, politics and family drama

Theatre productions are an insightful reflection on societal norms and prevailing mindsets, providing an avenue to explore the psyche of the masses

A nation’s ideas, beliefs, and struggles are aptly portrayed through the compelling medium of stage plays

Over the course of history, theatre performances have proven to be a powerful catalyst for societal transformation, not merely serving as a source of entertainment, but also as a means of facilitating the evolution of the masses

We have witnessed theatre writers and directors who keenly highlighted and discussed the major issues through their acts either in a serious way or / and jolly ways to mitigate the concern

Regrettably, in Pakistan, theatre plays do not receive the recognition and patronage they deserve due to the lack of economic viability associated with the art form

It is a labour of love, a calling for the die-hard enthusiasts of theatre, who are ardent followers of arts and culture

In this context, Stage Nomad emerges as a beacon of hope, comprising a band of passionate individuals who remain committed to the cause of promoting theatre in the country, that too by entertaining their audience

The latest offering by Stage Nomad, Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi, was recently showcased at the prestigious IBA Karachi City Campus, a not-to-be-missed opportunity for connoisseurs of theatre to immerse themselves in the magic of the performing arts, enjoy loads and loads of laughter, and genuinely clean fun and an interesting take on Pakistan’s political situation

Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a fascinating portrayal of Pakizah, a spirited young woman who aspires to achieve self-sufficiency, but finds herself constrained by her family’s expectations and obligations

Living with her family that includes her aunt, her father, and her grandmother, Pakizah’s world is upended when her family decides to fix her marriage with cousin Guddu, a wealthy expatriate residing in the UK

Enter Imtiaz, with a nickname of Immu, who captures Pakizah’s heart in a perfect example of love at first sight

Immu witnesses the latent talent in Pakizah and supports her unwaveringly in the pursuit of her dreams

In contrast, Pakizah’s grandmother and aunt scheme to manipulate her into marrying Guddu, citing financial security as the primary incentive

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Guddu, accompanied by Wasif (his uncle), Maham with her smart and plotting husband Sarfaraz and Bobby visit Pakizah, with an intent to cement the nuptial bond

The situation reaches a boiling point as the tale unfolds, as friends support, plots are hatched, and affection and admiration blooms to triumph over all

Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a poignant drama, capturing the human experience with precision and evoking a range of emotions

The play offers a masterful depiction of familial tensions, societal expectations, and the transformative power of love

The actors’ performances are riveting, the stage design is stunning, and the storytelling is an exceptional and thoroughly entertaining work of art

It is an unmissable addition to the theatrical canon and a must-see for all aficionados of the performing arts, dramas and stage plays

Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi boasts a script that is a testament to the writer’s ingenuity and an exceptional portrayal of Pakistani society, intertwined with pop culture references that are sure to elicit laughter from the audience

From ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pukaray Aaja’ reference to ‘Jab Ziada Paani Aata Hai’ the stage show highlights most updated instances to tickle audience

The infusion of political satire is another remarkable feature of this stage play, catering to those who have an astute awareness of the political landscape in Pakistan and have an ear for the speeches of political luminaries

The audience cannot ignore the remarkable contrast, and laugh and smile on the connections the writer has brought in

References to speeches of famous political figures have been skillfully employed in the romantic setting, leaving the audience in awe

Ashar Naeem, the playwright of this theatrical marvel, has commendably demonstrated his mastery of the language by integrating astute wordplay throughout the play

The clever use of language is a hallmark of great Urdu satire, and the writer has elevated it to a new level with this script

Those who enjoy Urdu satire definitely going to enjoyed this stage play

The play is a testament to the immense potential of Pakistani writers and their command over the language

It is a showcase of their dexterity in writing with great one-liners that add to the brilliance of the production

The script of Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a remarkable work of art, and it is a fitting tribute to the richness of Urdu language and culture

It is a play that is not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking, leaving the audience with a deep sense of appreciation for the sheer brilliance of the writing

Under the masterful direction of Faheem Azam, Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a visual tour-de-force

The play features several scenes that leave the audience in awe, leaving them wanting for more

The director has skillfully utilised every actor on the team to their full potential, allowing them to showcase their talent in remarkable ways

The team of actors is comparatively fresh, but they have justified their characters by giving entertaining performances

From the opening scene to the final curtain call, the storytelling is top-notch, expertly weaving together the various threads of the plot into a cohesive and captivating narrative

Faheem Azam’s direction is a testament to his expertise in the art of stagecraft, and his ability to bring out the best in every actor under his charge is truly remarkable

The play is an evidence to the hard work and dedication of the entire production team, and it is a fitting tribute to the power of theatre as an art form

The creative vision of the director is evident from the visual delights and awe-inspiring scenes

Overall, Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a remarkable production that left audiences spellbound

Sohail Zubair delivers a powerhouse performance as Immu

Blessed with a great voice and an even greater stage presence, Zubair has the potential to be a true star in the world of cinema

He effortlessly slips into the skin of his character i


Immu, picking up on the tones and shades of Imran Khan’s speech patterns and mannerisms, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience

As the competitor Guddu, the immensely talented actor behind the character has skillfully portrayed one of the most interesting political figures in Pakistan

The audience is held in thrall whenever Guddu takes the stage, as his performance is nothing short of captivating

He takes scenes to another level whenever he is on stage

Overall, the acting in Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is top-notch, with each member of the cast delivering a standout performance

Sohail Zubair’s incredible stage presence and acting ability, combined with the impressive portrayal of the antagonist, make this production an absolute must-see for theatre enthusiasts and lovers of great acting alike

Wafa Sohail’s performance as Pakizah in Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is nothing short of outstanding

Her portrayal of the character embodies the perfect blend of brilliance and purity, a delicate balance that is essential for the success of the play

Sohail effortlessly brings the character to life, delivering a performance that is both graceful and authentic

Her ability to convey complex emotions and subtle nuances through her acting is truly remarkable and speaks to her skill as a performer

Overall, Sohail’s performance is a shining example of the level of talent and dedication

The supporting cast of Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi truly shines, with each actor bringing a unique liveliness and stylishness to their respective characters

Asad Ullah Chaddha’s performance as Wasif is characterised by his subtlety and ease, as he delivers his lines with effortless spontaneity

Nouman Rauf’s portrayal of Mamu Rashid is nothing short of electric, matching the energy and style of his character to a tee

Meanwhile, Usman Hidayat’s turn as Ghazanfar is a joy to behold, with his comedic timing and facial expressions drawing frequent applause from the audience

Each actor’s contribution to the play is invaluable, and their performances serve to enhance the overall quality of the production

Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is a romantic saga of two suitors vying for the affections of one woman, one with malevolent intents and other having virtuous ones

The play offers a satirical take on the political landscape of Pakistan that is both witty and lighthearted

For those who possess a penchant for politics and wordplay, this production will surely tickle your funny bone, regardless of your political affiliations

The youthful and passionate cast and crew have executed an impressive performance that has been met with resounding applause

The play is scheduled for multiple cities in Pakistan and is an absolute must-see

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui is an avid movie buff, and film and drama critic and a digital inbound marketer

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