Utility Stores jack up prices

The Utility Stores have increased prices of various brands of cooking oil, baby milk, diapers, shampoo, and laundry detergent

According to a notification, the Utility Stores across the country have increased the prices of various brands of items

The price of corn cooking oil has increased by Rs300, bringing it to Rs1,170 per litre

The prices of various other brands of cooking oil and ghee were also increased

The price of 800 grammes of baby formula milk has increased from Rs445 to Rs820

Following an increase of Rs450 in the price of 330 grammes of cereal, the new price is Rs1,198

The price of 336 grammes of noodles has witnessed an increase of Rs60 to Rs425

According to the notification, the price of one litre of fruit juice increased by Rs70, the price of 800 grammes of ketchup has increased by Rs50, and the price of baby diapers has increased by Rs350

The cost of 650 millilitre of shampoo of various brands has risen by Rs210

The Utility Stores spokesperson said in his statement that the prices of some branded items have been increased by companies to improve demand and supply at all Utility Stores across the country and to ensure uninterrupted supply of branded items

Date:20-Feb-2023 Reference:View Original Link